JCT 2016 and Payment Update: Half-day seminar | North Wales

Date: - 12:30
Location: North Wales
Phone: Mary-Ann Goodier: 01928 756 500

The JCT 2016 suite of contracts has been launched, containing some significant changes. This seminar will consider what has changed since 2011, as well as providing important information on the impact of recent case law on the payment regime.

Questions which will be answered include:

  1. Does the new wording on loss and expense change the notification and assessment requirements?
  1. To what extent have performance bonds, parent company guarantees and collateral warranties been changed?
  1. How has BIM been dealt with?
  1. How have the insurance provisions changed?
  1. What alterations have been made to the termination provisions as a result of the Public Contracts Regulations?
  1. What about the New Rules of Measurement – can we continue with SMM7?

In addition we will cover both the revamped payment clauses in the JCT 2016 and consider some of the lessons learned from cases addressing the payment regime, including:

  1. How is the due date agreed each month?
  1. Can the Contractor / Sub Contractor still issue an application for payment and has the timing, form or method of delivery for the application changed?
  1. What are “Interim Valuation Dates” and how do they work in the main and sub contracts?
  1. When do valuations take place post practical completion – are they still bi-monthly as per JCT 2011?
  1. Payment and pay less notices – when should they be issued and what information should they contain?  What could happen if these notices aren’t issued on time?
  1. Can a payer rely on a pay less notice, or must a payment notice also be issued?
  1. Can an invoice be a valid application for payment and can an invoice be a “condition precedent” to payment?

COST: £175 per delegate, including VAT

Registration: 9am – 9.30am

Seminar: 9.30am – 12.30pm

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