IwB: How can Liverpool’s young professionals support Covid-19 recovery?

Date: - 18:00
Organiser: Ideas for Liverpool
Location: Online

Ideas with Beers – The concept

We’re bringing together existing Ideas for Liverpool cohorts with a fresh new group. Thanks to the goodwill built previously, You will automatically have the ear of City Leadership, and the opportunity to directly impact how the city reacts going forward.

The event will be shaped by the Liverpool Economic Recovery and Renewal Plan, focusing on the four pillars identified by City Leadership as the route to regaining a solid, economic standing.

Innovation, Housing, Employment and Creative & Visitor industries all provide strengths and/or long-term assets for the city.

Do our Young Professionals have sight of the challenges these areas now face? What are their views on how we support each sector to move forward and indeed, how do they use this time to create a more resilient and sustainable future?

Speakers announced:

• Innovation – Colin Sinclair, chief executive Liverpool Knowledge Quarter

• Housing – Mark Kitts, chief executive, Foundations

• Employment – Rob Tabb, policy lead for education and skills, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

• Creative & Visitor – Nicola Triscott, chief executive, FACT

Event objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the Liverpool Economic Recovery and Renewal plan
  • To encourage debate and discussion around how the Young Professionals would look to tackle post-Covid recovery
  • To generate ideas to create a better, exciting, resilient Liverpool post Covid-19
  • To grow the Ideas for Liverpool participants, and therefore, the PL sector group
  • To deliver a much-needed platform for Young Professionals in Liverpool, connecting them with city leadership

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the recovery? Find out, and join us for this workshop!

The workshop:

The workshop would provide an opportunity for you to hear directly from sector professionals involved in ‘the pillars’, their challenges and early plans for building strengths within the city.

Through 4 separate workshops, the groups would be able to gain a more in-depth knowledge of their chosen pillar and start to consider how Young Professionals could make a difference, and what recommendations they would propose to City Leaders.

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