Community Engagement – What Difference does it Make?

Location: CUBE, Manchester

Community Benefit Best Practice Club Event

The call for Community Benefits to be delivered on public funded construction projects can be aligned with the introduction of many National and Local Government policies and objectives: Value for Money, Best Value, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Communities and Community Strategies to name but a few. These key policies and objectives have meant that community benefits were no longer the reserve of 'special' or regeneration projects but would be included as a deliverable on 'mainstream' construction projects. The policies are now mature, in some cases over ten years old, but how far have we come in delivering community benefits on mainstream projects?



Emma Kyng – Introduction to Community Engagement Methods

Chris Doyle – Participatory Appraisal

Nick Hunter – New East Manchester

Phil Lukes – City South Manchester Housing Trust

Bernard Core – Manchester City Council

Ian Greg – Parkway Green

Kate Kenny – Connaught


Experience of managing and delivering community benefits is like any other management process and requires a build up of skills on behalf of the client and the contractor. When effective processes have been established on a project they should be captured and the learning reused and shared. This best practice club event looks to share people's experiences of delivering community benefits and establish what help is needed going forwarded.

Please contact Emma Kyng to register a place at this event: or 0161 295 5076. There is no charge to attend.