Timperley garden centre bought for housing

In it first deal backed by the Residential Land Partnership fund, Harlex Property has acquired the Wyevale Garden Centre in Timperley with the company looking to bring forward an 80-home scheme on the site.

The 7.2-acre site sits on Thorley Lane and was identified for housing development under the first draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, published in 2016. Harlex’s purchase covers the former World of Pets and World of Water site

Harlex is now aiming to secure planning consent for a development of around 80 homes, which will be then sold to a housebuilder following planning approval.

It is Harlex’s first acquisition funded by the Residential Land Partnership, a fund managed by Schroder Real Estate alongside Palmer Capital. The fund has made four previous acquisitions, and has a further £50m available for similar deals on sites without planning consent.

Wyevale had previously submitted plans to build 15 detached houses on the site, but this was refused by Trafford Council in 2017, owing to the land being designated as green belt.

Rapleys acted for Harlex on the acquisition, and Christie & Co acted on behalf of the vendor. All 145 Wyevale Garden Centres have been put up for sale by parent company Terra Firma earlier this year.

James Nicholson, director of Harlex Property, said: “I am delighted with this acquisition and look forward to working with the local planning authority to facilitate a housing-led scheme. I would like to acquire further sites without planning on an unconditional basis, using the funding resources of Palmer Capital.”

Harlex was launched by Kier Property director Nicholson in October.

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I was always led to believe that the land in question had a covenant attached to it that it could only be used for agricultural purposes or similar? The original garden centre that existed before Wyvale took over, had accommodation on Wood Lane for the garden centre manager. At that time a lot of people enquire as to whether these premises could be bought but were told because of the covenant on the land that it could not be sold as a private residence. Hence it became a vets surgery because of the agricultural connection associated with the animals, likely to be treated by the vet. If this was the case at the time why is the land being designated for residential housing contrary to a covenant that exists on this area of land.

By mike

Please no. Altrincham and Timperley are fast becoming an urban jungle. The roads are gridlocked and there’s nowhere to park. We don’t need more unaffordable homes for the rich to snap up and rent out.

By Barry Woodyatt

Oh dear Barry! Nimbyism won’t help those needing homes.

By Altyboy

I agree with last comment, it’s always been an agricultural area for as long as I know, this is not going to help people who desparatly need housing?,all it will do is be beneficial to the land vultures?, Only the rich will benefit. It should only have been sold as per previous use, it’s a disgrace, money talks??. Vty

By Vic.Youle

This is Green belt land. Not for building on.

By Tony Kennedy

The traffic is a nightmare iat school time there now but like every else money talks so they will get there planning permission

By Eddie

Trafford needs homes – this will be a good scheme – not for the rich. Mike there is no covenant on this land – you have been told a false truth or have just made that up to suit your agenda. Trafford Council to approve.

By deh trafford

Chaps just because it’s green land doesn’t mean it is green BELT land. Know the difference. Just because you have a keyboard in front of you does not make you an expert. Exercise your brain betore posting a comment.

By Anonymous

As the former owner of this land may I comment
In 1994 despite Trafford’s resistance the inspector gave permission for my land to be used for garden centre retailing. In 1996 the garden centre was sold to the Wyevale group of garden centres, the land retained its green belt status. World of water and a craft centre retailed on site. The original tied cottage 120 Wood Lane had nothing to do with the garden centre operation. It now seems that this land was looked at for housing by Traffordas part of their 10 year draft plan!! (I stand to be corrected.) Wyevale parent co have sold it to entrepreneurs who feel they can achieve planning permission for housing.
David Warburton

By David Warburton

A ps
the former tied cottage at 120 Wood Lane .Timperley
It was given permission to be built on green belt land by Altrincham bc in 1958? In order that I could manage the adjoining nursery. H. Warburton (ltd). It was occupied as such while the nursery evolved into a retail garden centre. (See my earlier comment). Byabout 1995 there wasn’t a need for the bungalow to have its tied Cottage condition as it was no longer horticulture carried out on the adjoining land.
Thus Trafford released the tied condition. Having the condition lifted it was sold on the open market to the vets practice. So the ten owner ought it with the tied condition ( only 2/3rd open market price)then sold it at open market prices! after he had the condition lifted.
David Warburton

By David Warburton

In a planning nutshell…

It’s previously developed land in the Green Belt and therefore redevelopment of the site for housing would not amount to inappropriate development within the Green Belt, subject to provisions of Para 145 section g) of the revised NPPF.

The definition of ‘previously developed land’ excludes argricultural land. The definition of ‘agricultural land’ in the T&CP Act (1990?) includes market nurseries, but the lawful use of the site has extended way beyond that of a market nursery where produce grown on site is sold on site. It has a mixed agricultural and non-agricultural use. Thus it is previously developed land.

By NWPlanner

Please no more houses we have no green places left the traffic will gridlocked

By Joy

@Joy – There’s nothing green about this site – it’s entirely covered in tarmac and surrounded by palisade fencing.

By NWPlanner

To all you moaning about traffic why not make a difference? If you’re sitting in a traffic jam you are part of the problem. Stop being lazy and arrogant and get on your bikes

By Anonymous

I do not agree with this..it is a community place for people to visit.

By Beryl Foster

I understood it was greenbelt land.e

By Beryl Foster

I was under the impression this land was covered under the green belt land and not to be built upon.The volume of traffic now is grid locked most morning and evenings and added housing will make Trafford one of the worse Boroughs for sheer volume of traffice.Wake Up! Trafford Council and stop this proposal before we are just a grid locked urbanised Borough.where house prices will drop due to poor access!

By Concerned resident

In 1910, there were said to be 157 market garden businesses in Altrincham, Timperley and Sale. How many are left?
In the last decade over a thousand houses have been built in Timperley alone and I have difficulty getting anywhere now with the congestion. I have to drive due to a physical injury.
There will be increaseing pollution problems, the schools are all oversubscribed and the infrastructure can not cope. Knowing the huge amount of money housing companies like persimmon make we know who will really benefit while ruining a nice place to live.
I lived in more affordable housing in the biggest estate in Europe in Wythenshawe a few miles away for 40 years and moved to a slightly less built up area which is now about to become a huge building site unless the protected status of the green belt land in this area remains. Trafford need to realise it’s only a small borough and when enough is enough. The people benefitting are not going to be living in the mess they leave behind with promises of schools the residents children can not access and congested roads. It will no longer be a nice place to live.

By Kate

Yippeee! More concrete and traffic. With the added bonus that the real estate and building company owners will be able to buy themselves another new Ferrari or 2 when they’ve done wrecking the green belt and wildlife corridor. Everyone’s a winner

By Gary

Green belt or not, yet another concrete jungle in place of greenery and wildlife is another disaster, while in the background (tucked away in his quiet countryside mansion no doubt)someone stands to make an awful lot of money. Timperley and Altrincham have had their fair share of houses and
apartments built over the recent years, enough is enough. Hopefully the local community will try to block this

By Anonymous

I work at a horse sanctuary in Hale Barns is there any available land for some pony’s.

By Sue johnson

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