Barton Willmore moves thinking forward on city park idea

A short while ago you may of seen my thoughts on why Manchester needs a new City Park – our very own High Line? What started out as blog post on these very pages, soon went on to be covered by the Manchester Evening News and BBC Radio Manchester, leading to a worthwhile debate on how our ever-growing city needs to provide the right balance between city living, economic growth and creating attractive spaces that are beneficial to healthy lifestyles.

Many local people and organisations got in touch with their support and thoughts, including Labour and Co-op MP for Central Manchester, Lucy Powell.

Cities need to embrace the use of green spaces as part of overall strategy for growth; so why shouldn't Manchester lead on this. At the City Council's Executive meeting on 18th March, the draft "Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy" was debated and will soon be presented for public consultation; the document states that "high quality parks, green spaces and waterways are vitally important features of successful cities."

Who would disagree? Whilst the document neatly sets out some high level themes, I can't help but feel it is lacking in big ideas. Whilst in parallel, Salford City Council has just consulted on the scope of its "Salford Green Space Strategy Supplementary Planning Document".

So here's a thought…How about a joint open space strategy addressing the city centre of Manchester and setting out two or three big ideas for open space in the city centre?

We are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas to enable us to start taking this vision forward.

Please click here to leave your comments and express an interest in being involved in our discussions going forward.

Your Comments

A great idea for a much improved Manchester!

By Paul Blackburn

Exactly which "derelict and forlorn" piece of land is the article referring to? Can’t think of many substantial centrally located sites that are in public ownership.

By Anonymous

Wondering… how does Hulme Park fit with your thinking? Built in 1999, it’s a great park that I use/walk through several times a week (I’m a city centre resident – Great Northern Tower, 2 minutes from the Midland, Radisson and Beetham). It’s connected by a safe bridge link over the inner ring road for pedestrians and cyclists, has play areas, grass and mature trees, children’s play area, multi-use games area, football pitch, BMX and a skateboard park.
Immediately to the south of that is the fantastic Z-Arts family and children’s facility
Both are available to all city centre residents and visitors, but I get the impression that both are largely unknown. I’ve taken my visiting nephews and other kids to both for years. Street dance lessons at Z-Arts, lots of outdoor fun in the park.

By Lesley

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