X1 and Knight Knox plan £32m Ancoats flats

Knight Knox and X1 Developments have launched a 194-apartment scheme in Ancoats to the private investor market, after submitting a planning application for the project to Manchester City Council earlier this month.

X1 The Plaza would be built on Great Ancoats Street, next to X1 The Eastbank which is currently under construction by the same partnership.

If approved by the council at its planning committee meeting in December, construction will begin in January 2016.

X1 The Plaza will be made up of a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments in addition to seven three-bedroom townhouses. The scheme is due to be completed in autumn 2017.

DK Architects designed the scheme, while Forrest is the contractor.

Amenities for the 152,573 sq ft development include secure bicycle storage, an on-site gym and private parking. Externally, residents will have a private landscaped courtyard, winter gardens, private balconies and garden terraces.

Andy Phillips, commercial director at Knight Knox, said: “Manchester is now viewed as one of the country’s top buy-to-let hotspots and as we witness the city develop at such a rapid pace, it’s easy to see why. With unrivalled international transport links, thriving arts culture, legendary sporting heritage and booming economy, the city offers an extremely attractive prospect to potential investors.”

The development will be let and managed in its entirety by X1 Lettings.

Prices for apartments start at £110,000 for a one-bedroom flat.

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What’s all this “thriving arts scene”?! Drives me mad – there’s HOME, which is the amalgamation of two existing organizations and MIF. The Factory isn’t built yet and still doesn’t seem to have much of a defined purpose, other than accommodating the (again, existing) MIF.

Manchester hit its “cultural” peak in the early 90s (which probably says a lot itself). Unless you work in development, its not a particularly exciting place. I don’t see a massive amount of interest happening here, other than more and more and more private rented developments, all playing off the same thinly-spread bare-bones cultural offer.

By scrub

There’s a lot more to the arts scene than what you’ve listed there, true it’s no London but what else can we realistically expect in the North? At least the music scene is excellent.

By Prestatyn

This development looks like a Holiday Inn.Are we ever going to get some decent designs for flats in Central Manchester?Or just more and more rubbish like this? The irony is that the CHIPS building is five minutes from this,so you would have thought that that building,would have kickstarted more innovative,quirky buildings and created a community,where creative and imaginative people wished to live.

By Elephant

I would like someone to explain the arts culture/scene? Its out there somewhere but I just don’t see it!

By MancLass

Not looked very hard for culture have you Scrub?

By Jonty

sporting heritage = football, a bit of cricket, cycling …

horse racing, flat and steeplechase, golf, sailing, rugby (union and league), wind surfing, tennis, table tennis, a bit of cricket and the mecca of new sports shopping all under one umbrella … Liverpool the City Region …

By Norman Davies

Jonty, if it was thriving I wouldn’t need to look now would I? If its out there, somebody tell me what/where it is – please!

By scrub

What exactly are you expecting scrub? There’s art all over Manchester, in Ancoats warehouses and basements of Northern Quarter venues to the mainstream venues funded by the public purse, what else would be needed? We are not NYC / Berlin.

By Yarrum

Problem with Chips is cheap finishing really lets it down – better to have something of more bland design but good quality (e.g. Milliner’s, HatBox). Think this scheme looks a lot more attractive than Chips anyway.

By Bavar

I’m expecting pretty much what’s here – which is not a massive amount. Problem is every bleddy press release goes on about Manchester as though it is NYC/Berlin etc., and as has been pointed out, its far from it. Bog standard; nothing to shout about.

By Scrub

Scrub and Norman Davis. Can we leave the juvenile inter-city trolling to other websites? PNW is for professionals not professional keyboard warriors. Ta.

By Not SSC

Bavar! it is you that likes buildings like this then.Chips is a head turning building,bold and different.This horror looks like an hotel on a ringroad in,anywhere town.If this was in Gorton or Newton Heath then fine,but it is five minutes from the city centre and we deserve better.

By Elephant