Dock 5 ForLiving
The eight-storey block sits close to MediaCityUK in Salford

Work starts on £53m Dock 5

Sarah Townsend

Construction of developer ForLiving’s 394-unit apartment scheme in Ordsall, Salford, has commenced and work is due to complete in 2023.

Dock 5 is being delivered by ForViva’s housing arm, ForHousing, with Bridgestone Construction as the main contractor and Falconer Chester Hall as the architect.

The eight-storey block, on a 2.8-acre site on Ordsall Lane and Fairbrother Street in Salford, close to MediaCityUK, will house 394 apartments for private rent, as well as residents’ facilities including a waterfront lounge, cinema rooms and a gym.

“This scheme is the latest in our commitment to developing [quality PRS] properties across the North West and highlights our confidence in the region’s housing market going forward,” said Paul Gerrard, director at ForLiving.

“It will provide the ultimate in urban living and is in an ideal location popular with commuters and young people.”

“We’ll also be providing a significant number of job and apprenticeship opportunities.”

ForLiving is part of the ForViva Group, which develops homes for sale, shared ownership and private rent.

The first homes at the £53m Dock 5 are expected to be available to residents from 2021, and the whole project is due to complete in 2023.

ForLiving’s Paul Gerrard is speaking at Place North West’s next virtual event, PRS Pipeline: Impact & Opportunities, this Wednesday at 10am.

Dock 5 Ordsall Lane Frontage

The Ordsall Lane frontage of Dock 5, designed by Falconer Chester Hall


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Over a mile from media city and castlefield. These little boxes (FLATS) are for private rent, probably about £800 for 1bed, £1200 for 2bed and £1500 for 3bed. NOT AFFORDABLE for the middle class yuppies who think they are in Manchester, but it’s ordsall in Salford.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

We need more apartments available for local people to buy – there seems to be an over supply of PRS properties in Manchester / Salford

By Anon

Nice. Could do with bigger balconies. These are pointlessly tiny. Balconies should be big enough to comfortably sit 4-6 adults around a dinner table with gas BBQ in easy reach.


These flats will house real salfordians, young renters and small families who want to be close to the large amount of jobs in the centre of Salford / Manchester. People like Darren seem to hate their own town and want to keep it stuck in the dark ages. There is PLENTY of affordable housing in Salford already and plenty more being built. I’d never vote for someone that talked their one city down as much as Darren.

By Salford lad

I agree with eod,,,, balconies are a vital part of an apartment. They should be Big as possible. Also roof terrace should be mandatory. If I paid the money for one of these I’d expect a first class roof space where I could play boules, fry some sausages, seating (wood) some tables (wood) mixture of surfaces. Covered areas (perhaps canvas and lots of good planting, oh and £800 pm rent, really?

By Robert Fuller

Have a day off Darren

By Anonymous

Unfortunately Darren is evidence of the Salford education system

By Mr Parrerr

How is £800 a month unaffordable, any decent full time worker can manage that if they want to

By Mr Parrerr

These flats, no sorry apartments will have a waterfront lounge with views overlooking the dirty ship canal, a little cinema and a lovely gym. I will want a lot more for my £800 a month. I would want a lovely cleaner to come around to my flat for 2hours a day, a lovely cook 2hours a day and a lot more.

By Darren proud of Salford

This flats are in ordsall.

By John from Salford

Not the nearest to Media City or the city centre. A bridge over from Ordsall Lane to Cornbrook/Pomona Island would be useful for commuting

By Disgruntled Goat

There is a footbridge from Woden Street (facing the bricklayers pub) over to Hulme hall rd that goes to Chester rd at Hulme. Not many people know about it, you have to be from that area to know about it

By Darren born and bred in Salford

Dull dull dull dull, more tiny boxes that will be over priced and not fit for purpose in a few years. No aspiration in the the designs, why are we producing such rubbish! All about pure profit, profit profit :(

By Dull

800£ a month
For a flat that small, oh dear
Shame, think we can do better. Great to see houses but we can we do better

By Dan


You don’t have to be from there to know about it. You just have to look at Google Maps.
They’re talking about a direct route to the met stop rather than walking around.

By Anonymous

The apartments will be classed as “downtown Manchester” .

By John from Salford.

Mr Parrerr Salford Education?? I have lived in Ordsall/Salford all my life and have a total of 14 O’Levels / 3 A’Levels and a degree so please do not make comments like that
Albert Leslie Yoxall. Codebreaker, he worked alongside Alan Turing at Bletchley Park during Word War II – Sir Ben Kinglsey – Emmeline Pankhurst and lot more younger talent throughout the years I could go on forever so take your sarcastic remarks somewhere else please and have a lovely day !!

By Debbie Proud to live in Salford