Strawberry Field

Work commences at Strawberry Field

Robertson has started on site at Strawberry Field in Woolton as part of an £8m project to convert the site into a training centre, visitor centre, and community café operated by the Salvation Army.

Designed by Hoskins Architects, the two-storey development will provide learning space for up to 40 young adults, alongside an exhibition area. There are plans to display the site’s original gates, which are recognised as “an important cultural asset” by the council due to their association with The Beatles song, in this exhibition space.

Robertson has now started work on the project including the 14,400 sq ft steel-framed training and visitor centre, which also features a gift shop and museum. The cladding will be both timber and brick, while the wooded areas around the site are to be retained.

The contractor is working with a professional team including Hoskins, Gleeds, and Curtins. The project is expected to take around two years to complete.

Planning permission was granted for the project in November last year, which was followed by a funding drive to support the scheme.

The development first secured permission in 2014, but plans were revised following a feasibility study. Revisions included an increase in the size of the visitors’ centre and changes to the learning space, while an IT training suite and a common room were removed to keep the project within budget.

Thomas Burfitt-Williams, head of capital projects at the Salvation Army, said: “Robertson demonstrated community experience with an awareness of the great importance The Salvation Army attaches to the long-term success of this project for generations to come, both as a centre of learning and discovery, and as a place of cultural significance for Liverpool and the wider world.

“We are excited about working with Robertson in creating an asset for all to enjoy and benefit from.”

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Looking forward to this.

By Beacons Field

Will there be adequate parking space for the coaches and Beatle tour traffic?

By Man on a bicycle

It doesn’t matter much to me.

By Penny

It does if you have to try and get past the parked vehicles at busy times and it is unsafe for the bus coach passengers on the narrow pavements.

By Forever

They can’t hang you for it.

By Singing Man