New Ferry Explosion
In 2017 a gas explosion destroyed part of Bebington Road Credit: Pigs Can Fly Photography

Wirral lines up developer for New Ferry explosion site

Dan Whelan

Wirral Council has acquired derelict land at the New Ferry explosion site and is close to appointing a preferred developer.

The land at 41-43 Bebington Road was bought from a private landowner, funded by money from a £1.3m pot set aside by the council for purchases of land within the explosion zone.

It is understood that the acquisition of the land was negotiated with the landowner and was not a compulsory purchase.

The site would be one of three sites for residential and mixed-use development, which could deliver around 100 homes, as outlined in a New Ferry regeneration proposal drawn up by the council, Homes England and BDP.

The document details the three development areas as the Woodhead Street car park and New Chester Road, Bebington Road, and Boundary Road. The council already owns the car park.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are looking at redeveloping and the regeneration strategy would enable a number of retail and residential projects.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the appointment of a developer could happen in the “next few weeks”.

The explosion in March 2017 destroyed six businesses and left almost 90 people homeless. Little has been done since to regenerate the area since.

Pascal Blasio was sentenced to 20 years in jail in October 2019 after being found guilty of causing the explosion in an attempt to claim insurance.

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this deal has the potential to blow up

By taxpayersdosh

Disgrace – “The explosion in March 2017 destroyed six businesses and left almost 90 people homeless. Little has been done since to regenerate the area since”
February 2020

By D is for

Will they bring back Griffo’s fabulous pie shop? Have never found an adequate replacement. Come back Griffo!!!

By Pie fancier

The key word to consider is ‘could’ appoint a developer, and they may equally not appoint a developer. As they are not set to develop New Ferry for 6 years as this in the ‘Wirral Plans’ which we can all look at in Bromborough library on 18th Feb 12.30pm to 8pm. This means that it could be 9 years after the explosion before any changes occur.

By Pauline Power

There was a dance theatre full of kids in the same building above Pascals shop an hour before the explosion, imagine if they had still been inside, he should hang for his evil crime.

By New ferry resident

Labour council has done absolutely nothing for new ferry and Alison mcGovern spends more time out of new ferry than in it.who are the private investors that have sold the land to the council ,and how much did it cost.

By Alan jeffs

Please bring back shops to new ferry not every like s to by on line or have a car shops very much needed in this area we must restore this area.

By Mrs evans

It will happen in about 2 years at best and what will it change socially? New Ferry has been left to rot by the council, its lies and its indifference.The town has serous social deprivation issues, drug addiction, crime, and every evil connected. Wirral council has no sense of responsibility or integrity

By chris