Wavertree Aquatics Centre

Wavertree Aquatics Centre set for £500,000 investment

Chloé Vaughan

The 50-metre pool at Wavertree Aquatics Centre which has been closed since April, is set to reopen in February following a £500,000 investment by Liverpool City Council.

The pool was originally closed following an electrical fault in a high-level light fitting which exploded and littered the pool with glass, which also entered the underside of the moveable floor. This led to the revelation of defective concrete. Work to fix the faults is set to start imminently.

The 20-metre pool at the Aquatics Centre is open as normal along with some classes. Swimming teams have been accommodated at alternative lifestyles centres and received a reduction in debts. Members who have the Aquatics Centre as their home club have had their membership frozen.

Deputy mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Wendy Simon, said: “We absolutely appreciate and understand the frustration of swimmers due to the prolonged closure of the 50 metre pool at the Aquatics Centre.

“We have encountered a number of unprecedented difficulties relating to defects from the construction of the pool over a decade ago. This has meant we have had to carry out detailed and complex investigative work to uncover the extent of the problem.

“I hope people will understand that we have taken the time and care to look properly at the issue and work out the best way to carry out a repair. We don’t want a situation where we have to take the pool out of service again.

“Despite the fact that we have real financial challenges, we have found almost half a million pounds to carry out this work because we know how popular the Aquatics Centre is.”

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This is great news and gives our children something to do instead of causing trouble: facilities like this are needed in Liverpool for us, our children and our childrens children.

By Mary Mullarkey

Welcome news that the Council is investing in this much-used facility

By Liver lad

Its not really an investment, more of a £500k repair?

In the 12 months it will take them just to fix a light and the side of a pool, they could of built a brand new sports centre.

By Linford

Fantastic news. At least now we’re not left in limbo as to weither the 50m pool would ever open again… Looking forward to Feb 2020!!

By Julie Cooke

When will the 50m pool actually open. Supposed to be Feb 2020 – but almost March and the website still doesn’t show it to be open.

By Brenda Wolfe