Victoria Warehouse February 2020
Plans for the project were lodged in February

Victoria Warehouse primed for redevelopment

Adam Geoffrey Management, owner of the out-of-town events venue in Trafford, wants to create a hotel and a seven-storey car park.

The 187-space car park would sit in the centre of the site between the events space and the eastern warehouse. 

According to the planner, Cunnae Town Planning: “The parking provision on site is currently inadequate for the efficient operation of the facility. This is likely to be exacerbated once the complex has been fully developed.

“The proposed provision will ensure that the site can operate safely and effectively into the future.”

Other plans include converting the current six-storey, budget hotel into a more boutique style offering with 200-bedrooms, and extending the roof to create a terrace. It currently has consent for up to 775-bedrooms.

The proposal also calls for the conversion of two empty floors in the western warehouse into 63,400 sq ft of office space.

The music and events venue isn’t set for any direct changes, aside from a replacement roof as “the current structure is not fit for purpose” according to the planning documents. “The events component of the complex will develop to its full extent with a view to attracting business and trade to the country and Trafford.”

The change of use for the warehouses as a hotel and venue was granted planning permission in February 2012.

Richard Drinkwater, founder of Richard Drinkwater Architects who worked on the scheme, said: “The application will make a significant contribution to the local and regional economy through its provision of direct employment opportunities and the wider communities.

“The improvements will also lead to the ability to host and lead a wider range and depth that will attract a broader range of artists and exhibitors to the complex.”

Cunnae said: “The ability to house these facilities in a historic building, that is itself a prominent landmark, provides the opportunity to maintain and develop the brand and cultural heritage of the area for future generations to interpret and appreciate.”

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What’s will the cladding be like on this development?

By SSC Cladding Enthusiast

While I hope this succeeds – this area desperately needs some form of improvements as it’s a serious dump – I find its location on that road to be breathtaking. This area is a classic example of UK road design that tries to dehumanise our cities. In dark weather, it feels almost Bladerunnerish, what with the electronic advertising anywhere, all cars but without any actual humans. To walk to the Victoria Warehouse from either of the closest Metrolink stops, takes around 11 separate crossings in that immediate area to get across the huge – almost motorway style intersection. It’s breathtaking in bad weather, with driving wind and rain but horrible even in the sunshine. This area is a perfect example of how our LGAs gave up on their citizens when designing this neighbourhood. One of the roads of that intersection doesn’t even bother with footpaths.


@EOD – fair comment about the area, however hopefully the new tram stop will ease things, it’s less than 150 yards away.

By Red Rose