UU tenders for suppliers of water saver packs

Michael Hunt

United Utilities wants to establish a framework agreement with a company that can supply and deliver water saver packs at properties across the North West.

The one year framework, worth between £350,000 and £650,000, has an option to extend up to an additional four years.

The supplier will also be required to provide a help line number and manage any queries or complaints in relation to the water savers pack from United Utilities customers, as well as be required to develop and assemble the water saver packs.

Unitied Utilities did not mention which types of water saver packs are required at this stage.

Water saver packs are designed for the kitchen and bathroom of a property. Unitied Utilities' water saver packs include devices which are placed in the toilet tank which absorbs water through silica sand and can save one litre of water every time the toilet is flushed.

Deadline for submitting tenders is Tuesday 25 May 2010.

  • For more details contact Alex Whitehurst at United Utilities on 01925 537 384 or email alex.whitehurst@uuplc.co.uk

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