Urban explorers infiltrate Media City

Trespassers pursuing the dangerous hobby dubbed urban exploring accessed the residential towers at Peel's scheme and took photos of themselves from the top.

As reported on the unofficial Media City Blog this morning, the urban explorers, going under the pseudonyms Gone and Jim Gillette, evaded security to enter the construction site and headed to the 25th floor.

Gillette said on his blog: "Security was, as to be expected, tight. But as these pictures show, it wasn't watertight ;)

"Fancying our chances, we went for it. After infiltrating the site itself, access to the 25 floor "Heart" apartment building was as inviting as an ice cold cider at the end of a long summer's day."

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don’t know whether to applaud or tut loudly and shake my head.

i know one thing tho – rather them than me

By Hites

I’d just like to point out that we didn’t break in. Thanks!

By Jim Gillette

Thanks for the clarification – I have changed the headline to read ‘infiltrate’, your word, instead.

By Ed

oops they’ve done it again see incredible images at http://www.mediacityblog.com/index.php/uk/article/urban_explorers_strike_again_at_mediacityuk/

By Parky