University plans in for Oxford Road park

The University of Manchester has submitted a planning application for a 4.5-acre part at its Oxford Road campus, with the western end of Brunswick Street closed to cars and landscaped to become Brunswick Park.

The park would be the largest green space on the campus, and the proposals include tree planting, wildflower planting, seating areas, pedestrian and cycle paths.

Planit-IE is the landscape architect, while WYG is providing civil, structural and highways advice. Appleyard & Trew is the cost consultant.

Closing part of Brunswick Street to traffic was planned as part of the Cross City bus corridor works to Oxford Road.

The street, which is lined on both sides by University buildings, will remain a public pedestrian and cycle route with improved pathways, providing a better connection between Oxford Road and Upper Brook Street and forming an important gateway to the campus.

The park would create a central space for large-scale campus events such as graduation and Welcome Week.

Manchester University Brunswick Oxford Road

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A park, alive and well in the city of Manchester. Who would have thought?

Well done U of M

By Gene Walker

Stupid idea, where are all the cars supposed to go? There aren’t enough roads going into Manchester as it is.

By No

Fantastic plan from the University, adds some much needed tranquil green space in the centre of what is a campus cut right through the middle with Europe’s busiest bus route.

To “No”, this isn’t a route into the city, simply a connection between two main roads which themselves won’t be affected by it. It’s the heart of the University campus with University buildings all around it, and makes complete sense to pedestrianize. Do some research before having a pointless moan.

By PJH2015

This road doesn’t go into Manchester, it connects Upper Brook Street and Oxford Road and is barely used by traffic. We need to remember that cities are built primarily for people, not for cars therefore the needs of cars should be subservient to the needs of people.

Great to see this park but if it’s to feel like a public space rather than a university quad it needs to be properly animated with a mix of uses. It also needs to be properly linked to Brunswick with a high quality pedestrian crossing.

By Yes


By Keezer

“Stupid idea, where are all the cars supposed to go? There aren’t enough roads going into Manchester as it is.”

Yes, that’s what Manchester needs, more traffic! The city centre isn’t busy enough yet!

Good grief.

By Tim