Unite Students Piccadilly Cladding
The block is located on Buxton Street close to Piccadilly Station

Unite’s Piccadilly Point to turn blue  

Dan Whelan

The 10- to 19-storey student accommodation block close to Manchester Piccadilly train station is to be reclad in anticipation of ever-evolving demands on cladding, changing its appearance from brown to blue. 

The building’s owner, student accommodation provider Unite Students, has appointed London-based Rok Planning as the planning consultant for the scheme. The project will see the existing high-pressure laminate panels, a mix of brown and grey, removed and replaced with light blue and silver alternatives. 

Work to remove and replace the cladding is expected to start in October and last for 10 months.

The building is safe for occupation in its current form, so there is no safety-related requirement to update the cladding. However, Unite took the decision to remove the existing high-pressure laminate cladding and replace it with Vitradual solid aluminium panels to update the building.

The project will “provide a new colour palate that references features of prominent adjacent buildings and provide a simpler, less dense panel arrangement, resulting in a fresh aesthetic and reducing the perceived massing of the existing building,” according to Axiom Architects. 

Housing up to 588 people, Piccadilly Point will remain occupied while the work is carried out.

Piccadilly Point

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how about knocking it down, it’s particularly horrendous looking block

By Anonymous

It is one horrendous looking building. Hope this makes it better.

By Loganberry

It can’t make it any worse

By Anonymous

Nice to see those attempting to improve their visual appearance though. Something which the entire UK should do more of.

By Anonymous

Asymmetrical hipped roofs on this always confused me.

By Him

OMG – makes the one in front look marginally better and that’s difficult!

By Dover


By Anonymous

Of course it will make it worse, at least brown is boring. Blue is striking and will lead your eye to what is one of the most disgusting buildings on your Manchester approach. How do these designs ever get through Planning in the first place!?

By Clue

Can’t get no worse

By I have to admit its getting better

There’s nothing wrong with the current building, apart from the cladding – terrible colour scheme at present. It doesn’t need demolishing.