Vita Union March 2020 Tower Two Consultation
Vita is readying plans for a 36-storey residential scheme at the same site

Union Living submits plans for 32-storey tower

Dan Whelan

The co-living arm of developer Vita Group has lodged an application for a 390-apartment block, the first of two towers to be built on the Water Street site in Manchester and its first under the brand. 

The building would include a gym at basement level and commercial units at the double-height ground floor. The upper floors would be given over to a mix of residential units ranging from studios to four-bedroom co-living apartments. 

Overall, 80% of the residential offer would be co-living units, with the other 20% set aside for studio apartments. 

According to the design and access statement by architect Denton Corker Marshall, “the typical co-living floorplate can be retrofitted to become a standard apartment layout”, without requiring structural alterations. 

Vita bought the site, situated within the Enterprise City development zone in Manchester city centre, from Allied London last May, after the latter had won consent for two 36-storey towers to be named Dime and Nickel.  

The 32-storey co-living tower will occupy the proposed Dime scheme’s footprint, and Vita is also progressing plans for a second residential tower, at 36-storeys high, where Nickel would have been.  

Deloitte is planning consultant and Bam is lined up as lead contractor for the project, which is expected to complete in 2022 subject to planning consent.

Enterprise City is home to major developments including Factory and Manchester Goods Yard, which is due to complete next February.


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By Brian

Love this, just a shame it’s co-living.

I hope the Council clamp down on this type of housing.

By Tyler

@Tyler they are building for a type of accommodation that is in demand, younger workers that want shared living close to the centre but wouldn’t necessarily be able to rent their own flat. Clever of the developers to future proof the building for retrofitting as regular flats should they need to adapt in the future

By Andrew

Great designs.

By Mike

Great scheme and design

By Paul C

Looks fantastic and will be a real benefit to a new target market!

By Yin

It really looks value engineered to the nth degree. Co-living is a dreadful concept too.

By Acelius

Andrew – surely if the correct amount of decent sized residential is delivered, then the City becomes more affordable, and you don’t need microflats. I think one of the things Covid should teach us is the implication of living in tiny apartments on mental health.

By The Old Faithful


There ought to be a basic housing standard that if your apartment doesn’t have a toilet/bathroom/kitchen then it shouldn’t be given permission.

We heard the same argument for the Victorian slums. Houses for people who can’t afford to have an inside toilet.

The developers must do better.

By Tyler

Successful Co-Living schemes have at their heart well-considered shared amenity spaces providing opportunities for the “Co” part to thrive. A basement gym and some commercial units? I do hope Union don’t forgo these communal opportunities on such a great site.

By Wonderwall

This is exactly the type of accommodation our 24 – 30 year old community needs, wish I had this choice instead of living in a decrepit Victorian house share

By Pablo

They look great I think, massive upgrade on Nickle and Dime although I am still sad the St Johns tower wont be happening. Hopefully the Tech tower going in its place will be enough to makeup for it.

By Bob

Appalling setting for the new Factory arts centre. Typically poor Mancunian planning that we will regret for decades.

By Frustrated

this will age so badly and so quick, what a terrible project

By Anonymous

As Brenda form Bristol would say ‘ not another tower block ‘

By Ian hall

Done living in a student digs thank you very much

By Disgruntled Goat