Tram Collide

Trams collide at St Peter’s Square

Two trams have been involved in “a low speed collision” at St Peter’s Square in Manchester, leading to delays across the Metrolink network.

It is understood that nobody was injured in the incident. Trams are now running but the two crashed trams are still at the platform, with services running on adjacent lines.

Greater Manchester Police’s City Centre twitter account shared pictures of the incident, which is causing severe delays across the entire network.

The Metrolink is also experiencing delays due to a points failure this morning.

The police said: “Seems @MCRMetrolink delays due to one tram ‘kissing’ another at St Peters Square. Staff say everyone OK.”

TfGM’s head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “Shortly before 8.30am this morning two trams were involved in a low speed collision at St Peter’s Square. Thankfully it does not appear that any serious injuries were caused but I’d like to apologise to those on board.

“I’d also like to apologise to our other passengers on the network this morning whose journey was or is delayed and disrupted as a result.

“I’ve emphasised to the operator the absolute urgency in which they need to get services running and also ensure a meticulous and swift investigation into this incident is carried out. The matter will also be referred to the Rail Accident Investigation Board in due course, as is normal practice in such circumstances.

“There is no higher priority than the safety of our customers, so I would like to reassure everyone who uses Metrolink that we are treating this matter with the urgency it warrants.”

Tram Not In Service

St Peter’s Square as of 9.30am this morning, shortly after the collision

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Practically the whole network grinds to a halt because of this! Could someone please tell me how a tram from Bury to Ashton is affected by this? This system is becoming a standing joke.

By Elephant

Complete farce. People will start losing their jobs one day due to this incompetence. How can this bring the whole system to a halt?! It happened at a stop with FOUR platforms!


A ‘standing room only’ joke from my experiences.

By Unaplanner

“Trams touch at St Peter’s Square” may be a more appropriate headline…

By Anonymous

Does anyone remember small town news from Mark and Lard show? This would have made a good story!

By Bob Dawson

The network grinds to halt because at the very first moment a tram touchs another is called colission so RAIB ( Rail Accident Investigation Branch) have to open an Investigation, in order to do that they can not move the trams, so if nearly all the services go through St Peters Square then all the network collapsed…… Does anyone get it now?!?!?! Too much moaning without know how the things work…

By Anonimus

BC, how are people going to start losing their jobs? Calm down sweetpea before you blow a gaskett

By CitySpotter