Trafford Civic Quarter Area
Trafford's Civic Quarter, focussing around Old Trafford Cricket Ground, will be one of the projects under the spotlight

Trafford calls for public views as Civic Quarter takes shape

Plans for a 120-acre Civic Quarter in Trafford, encompassing the Town Hall, Cricket Club, and future University Academy 92 site, could include a festival square and processional route for sports celebrations, according to the council.

Trafford Council, in partnership with Bruntwood and Lancashire Cricket Club, advised by Feilden Clegg Bradley, Planit-IE, GVA How Planning, and Curtins, is working up a strategic vision for the site, and is hosting a preliminary consultation event later this month to gather views on how the spaces could be better used.

This proposal is part of the delivery of the refreshed Stretford masterplan, which includes other elements in and around Stretford town centre, and stretches up to the Town Hall end of Stretford and Old Trafford.

Part of the Civic Quarter plan includes the development of a new public piazza or festival square, which could lie between the Town Hall, the UA92 site and Lancashire Cricket Club, and provide “an inspirational focal point” for celebrations and events throughout the year.

A redefined ‘processional route’ could link the two major Trafford sporting venues, Lancashire Cricket Club and Manchester United, fused by Trafford Town Hall.

According to the council, the proposals are in their early stages, and the partners want feedback from the public on an array of questions which will shape their designs, such as:

  • What would you like to see in the Civic Quarter?
  • What ideas do you have for potentially changing the way Talbot Road is used by pedestrians, cyclists and cars?
  • Do you want this to be a more green and open space?
  • How do you use the area at the moment, if at all?
  • What would encourage you to spend more time here?

An initial drop-in session, which will be attended by partners and architects involved in the project, is being held at the Town Hall on Tuesday 14 August between 2pm and 8pm. The event is not a formal consultation, which will be held at a later date once plans have been developed further.

Leader of Trafford Council, Cllr Andrew Western, said: “The establishment of a Civic Quarter presents a fantastic opportunity to further develop local amenities, improve community use of the area and completely transform our public spaces. It aims to create a fantastic place for those who live and work here, so please take the time to come and tell us what you want: your views are vital in shaping this amazing project.”

Ernst ter Horst, associate of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, said: “We’re very proud and excited to be involved in the design for this regeneration framework, with its context of internationally renowned sports venues and the Borough’s historic Town Hall. We’re looking to capitalise on the opportunities of these existing facilities as an excellent basis to create a rejuvenated place for living and working in the new Trafford Civic Quarter.”

Meanwhile, progress is continuing with the wider Stretford masterplan and the Council said it will soon be sharing details of a future engagement event in September.

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This has to be a joke of some sort. In all the consultations that the Council have had with Stretford residents on the Masterplan and it’s various evolutions, I am willing to bet that no-one ever said “A new Civic Quarter would be good”
Why are you proposing to spend money in an area of Stretford that is least in need of development.
There’s been a “Processional route” in place since 1911, it’s called Warwick Road.
This just looks to me as if the Council is prepared to spend money making football and cricket fans feel more welcome. Are Manchester United and L.C.C.C. financially involved in this proposal? If not then why? They are the ones who stand to benefit.

By C Geliher

What about our houses on Hornby Rd and Barlow Road,

By Pat Rowlinson

This is all for sport fans and nothing to do with making the area better for residents. There will be more traffic. It is bad enough as it is. There will also be more problems with parking. The Gorse Estate is a nightmare as it is and the Council refuses to do anything about it, except evidently make it worse. I am not in favour of this at all.

By Sally-Ann Glover

It all looks very nice but the traffic situation from the area onto Great Stone Road and Talbot Road is a nightmare. Cars will have to get out from the new estate onto Greatstone Road to access Talbot and Chester Roads (unless they can create a new road directly onto Talbot Road?) This will cause massive congestion and possibly lead to a future referendum on a congestion charge (they failed in the past but with the massive influx of people/cars this may change the situation) Schools/hospitals/clinics in the Stretford area will not cope with the new influx of adults/children. I don’t think it has been thought out carefully enough..

By Janice Flanagan

I’d like to see a canal along Talbot road, lined with trees. There could even be a wider area of water to create an area more in keeping with media city, There is too much through traffic and it needs to be redirected somehow. Perhaps Chester road and Talbot roads could be replaced by a tunnel.

I’d like Tesco to go somewhere very far away and I’d like to see units for micro businesses to sell their wares, cafes and bistros with table outside – next to the canal. This would create viable employment for locals and improve the visitor experience on sporting and entertainment occasions. The area needs more trees.

By Firswood Resident

Can people please stop bleating on about cars and traffic – literally the most mundane topic in the world. Cars don’t belong in cities. Nobody cares if you’re stuck in traffic, it’s your own fault for polluting the environment just to get around

By Anonymous

Anonymous. What alternatives do people have to get to work? This isn’t London with 3 tube stops on every corner and cheap buses.

By Elephant

Stationary traffic is a big issue for us in the Gorses, those who don’t use cars are impacted because our air quality suffers, especially from idling queuing traffic, and access for emergency vehicles is regularly blocked on the narrower roads by people who work nearby (in offices with inadequate parking) parking inconsiderately. The potholed roads make cycling dangerous too. It already is an issue that needs addressing so any added development will need to deal with this to get our support.

By Reply to anonymous

Elephant – what do people expect is going to happen by complaining about it on Place North West? Lobby your MPs, start a petition. People constantly banging on about their mundane motorcar-based lives on a property website isn’t going to achieve anything, except to bore everyone to death

By Anonymous

Pedestrianise the whole area.

By Sensible Sue

People have been doing that for decades Anonymous and we are still waiting. I agree in principle with what you say but until there are viable,cheap alternatives to travelling by car it is going to be a concern.

By Elephant

The priority in Stretford should be to redevelop the area around the arndale centre- give us a town centre worthy of the name, that would benefit all residents of Stretford not just the sports fans

By Ann

Time all the roadworks ie potholes and all the filth strewn around our steets was addressed,another one is the very poor drainage,poor parking from our schools during pickup and drop off times,and dose anyone see the state in chorlton where the roads are lined with beggers many of them downright scaring people into handing over change,as they put it.someone needs to have a walk about make some real decisions,give us all a break.

By Firswood resident

Except for the pubs and fast food outlets the sporting events impact negatively on local business. Transitory visitors block roads and take up parking spaces needed for residents and businesses.
Priority should be given to residential areas before these sporting areas
Consensus is
Maintain all green spaces, put a few more flowers and trees in Gorse Park and the Quadrant. Paint the classic historic street lights. Fill in the potholes and encourage people to park outside and ride into the event area.

By Firswood small business

Since, at the moment, Stretford has nowhere suitable perhaps The Quadrant could also become more of a centre for evening activities.

Those living in houses on the Quadrant might be persuaded to sell their properties to TMBC and then the whole of the Quadrant could be transformed for the use of small local enterprises?

By Maggie Joan Haggas