Torus At Knowsley & Astley 1
Architecture studio Bowker Sadler designed the scheme, which will occupy a disused part-brownfield site

Torus wins approval for £23m Huyton homes

Sarah Townsend

The Liverpool-based housing group is to start work this year building 131 homes on Knowsley Lane after being granted planning permission from the local council.

The £23m scheme will see Torus Developments regenerate a disused part-brownfield site at the front of Knowsley Lane and Astley Road in Huyton, into a collection of two-, three- and four-bedroom homes designed by architecture studio Bowker Sadler.

The homes are to be made available on a rent-to-buy basis, which Torus says is a “particularly attractive proposition for people who want to get onto the property ladder without over burdening themselves financially.”

The homes will be available at a reduced rent for the first five years, providing the opportunity to save for a deposit. After five years, residents will be offered the option of buying the home outright, or through shared ownership.

The development is Torus’ second investment in Knowsley in the past two years, after it completed the £25m Maples scheme, an independent living complex for over-55s, comprising supported living bungalows and affordable family homes in Kirkby.

The Knowsley Lane scheme will be developed in partnership with Knowsley Council and Torus’ charitable arm Torus Foundation, which will create employment and training opportunities for local people during the construction process.

Construction is due to start before the end of the year and complete in autumn 2022.

Chris Bowen, managing director of Torus Developments, said: “This scheme marks our commitment to bolstering the affordable housing and job market in the area and we will be working with partners to recruit local talent to build the type of houses needed in the area.”


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131 new homes on a brownfield site, not on the green countryside. The homes will be available on a reduced rent for the first 5 years so the citizens to save up for a deposit and the best bit after 5years the citizens can buy the affordable house. Fabulous. really good.

By born bred Darren

This is becoming a common news item …big investment in city region and Cheshire by Torus …..importance of a locally based company

By George

I would like details of how to buy one of the new homes on the brownfield site & I would be grateful if you could let me know when they are ready to rent thank you Yvonne Wilson

By YVONNE Wilson

Knowsley council are a shame selling any piece of land they can people should stand up and vote them out!

By William walsh

How can any one save to buy a house outright in 5 years the way the employment situation is now days a joke

By T McDermott

Why are the roads build like a 1960s housing estate – where are the raised crossings (note this visual doesn’t even have dropped kerbs… What about the people in wheelchairs and with prams?), the junction has huge splays making the crossing longer for pedestrians to cross (read, your child) and easy for cars to speed around. If the visualisation already emphasises this lack of ambition and private car priority then I’m concerned how they think about people’s wellbeing in the design of the houses…

By Anonymous