New imagery released by Fortis shows the £75m Adelphi Wharf on the bank of the River Irwell

Third phase of £75m Adelphi Wharf released for sale

Fortis Developments has launched the final phase of its £75m Salford residential scheme, Adelphi Wharf, to the buy-to-let market, after selling out the first two tranches of 370 flats with more than 18 months until completion.

Based on Adelphi Street on the bank of the River Irwell, the first phase of 206 flats has sold out in the development, and one of the second phase’s 163 units remains available. The final phase is made up of 224 apartments.

The blocks are being sold by Knight Knox, while Fortis Developments is the developer, in association with Elite City Living. The scheme will be let by Fortis Lettings & Management and block managed by Fortis Estate Management.

Andy Phillips, commercial director at Knight Knox, said: “Investment activity is booming across the North West at the moment, particularly around the Salford area, and the city’s regeneration shows no sign of slowing down this year.

“Adelphi Wharf not only offers a particularly good opportunity for investors looking to reap high yields, but will also provide luxury housing to the influx of people moving to Salford as the Northern Powerhouse continues to thrive.”

Completion is due at the beginning of 2018.

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Salford is THE city to watch

By Phosphurescent

This area will be very dynamic in ten years around Chapel street.Salford seems better at enhancing what is already there than Manchester.Some terrific architecture in this district.

By Elephant

Salford is a suburb in manchester

By Karen

Karen, so is Liverpool if you really think about it.

By Brian

Oh Brian you are a tease!

By Man on bicycle

Liverpool isn’t, but on a serious note, maybe it should be? This would be a tough sell politically, but given Manchester is where the jobs are in the north-west right now, wouldn’t Liverpool be best positioning itself as a more attractive/friendly alternative to live (i.e. bigging up the waterfront, lower property prices, less congestion, etc).

Greater London/the south-east operates in this way, with splinter towns which are a bit more than commuter towns.

No inflammatory comments re. Liverpool please.

By creep

We have noticed an upturn in people seeking housing in South Liverpool, who commute to Manchester and beyond, so there is definitely something very appealing about Liverpool,and as long as they spend their money in the LCR it can only be a bonus for LCR.
Utilimately it will bring more economic investment.

By Man on bicycle

So on sale 18 months before PC. Any planning fees for Salford Council – No

I presume the first two phases were also not viable!

Shocking performance by the regeneration team on behalf of Salford Council.

By Paula Brown

Liverpool has better architecture,but Manchester is much more cosmopolitan.There should be some collaboration between the two,but this is a hard sell.Manchester struggles to get over the Salford barrier,so Liverpool is a no hoper.The London analogy is rather silly.London has no rival in the South East.Are you really comparing Liverpool with Guildford and Maidstone creep? A city of world status with two market towns.I get your point about the North West being more of an economic unit,but not with Liverpool,as a Manchester commuter town.

By Elephant

Indeed, this is what I am talking about. Those “priced out” of the desirable parts of Manchester or for whatever other reason don’t wish to live there will be drawn to Liverpool, provided the transport links are there. An express service from South Parkway would be ideal!

By creep

Final word from me on this, we have noticed a strong surge in people using our services for short and long stay accomondation in Liverpool, all of them either working or moving to LCR from UK or abroad, so we are attracting the new members of our community and jobs. All of them are impressed by the desirability of the city especially the leafy southern suburbs and green spaces, so all looking good then for the NW.

By Man on bicycle

As regards Liverpool, and rest of Merseyside, are we not one BIG conurbation with Greater Manchester, Warrington etc, these days???? Living as I do in Salford, must say am pleased how things have gone over the years. The whole Salford is a suburb of Manchester thing is plain silly..All the boroughs of GM have a part to play in the wider conurbation….It IS GREATER Manchester..NOT just Manchester city authority and the rest of us just along for the ride…

By Schwyz

Brian don’t insult Liverpool please …

By karen

Liverpool is more attractive city and a better quality of life to be honest opionion

By karen

Having lived in both Karen I disagree, Liverpool was very run down until about 10 years ago, they did the city centre up but that was it. You can’t develop a high quality of life in that short space of time.

By Yumi

Liverpool has the best architecture of any English city,outside London,in my opinion and seems less claustrophobic than Manchester.The sea makes a difference.Creep’s view that people will buy in Liverpool’s nicer suburbs and commute to Manchester is winning me over.I think if I couldn’t afford a nice part of Manchester,I would prefer a nice part of Liverpool,than Coronation street.Liverpool has nice villagey suburbs to the South,so good point Creep.A fast train is needed now,so people can live and work in either.A Lancashire love-in.With Warrington for those who can’t decide whether they are Arthur,or Martha.

By Elephant

Yumi – the good quality of life in the likes of Aigburth, Woolton, parts of Allerton, etc., isn’t something new. What the work in the city centre has done is merely to open this up so more people are aware of it.

By creep

Liverpool trumps Manchester in every area IMO! More character, more history, more charming, friendlier people, superb skylike, greener, more impressive buildings… I could go on. Manchester is a glorified Business Park.

By northerner

superb skyline? Liverpool? viewed from where? The city also hasn’t seen a decent building go up since the war.

By Melody Day

Fed up of these bitter Liverpool trolls. The story is about Salford for God’s Sake.

By Booooring

Good luck to Salford and it’s plans! It really is pressing ahead with things and has changed a lot since my first visits in the 1970’s and recent ones to the Uni.

By Man on bicycle

northerner, except of course it’s economy, size, employment opportunities, sporting achievements, investment, transport links, accent etc.

Does have an OK waterfront though and some nice pre-war buildings.

By Brian

Lets not start on the accent, because a real Manchester one isn’t well loved outside its city either. Not that you hear many in the city centre these days.

Yeah, Manchester’s doing better economically, unequivocally. Neither city has much post-war architecture to shout about – mostly because what’s churned out is predominantly rubbish. At least Liverpool has that pleasant Victorian legacy in the architecture and the parks/houses in some of the southern suburbs – Manchester’s equivalents of these are comparatively weak.

By creep

For God’s sake. Give it a flaming rest you morons

By Intercity

I’ll admit, if someone based in London was reading this, I’d be embarrassed. This parochial nonsense needs to stop.

By creep

Mancunuin ‘s have a habit of putting down Liverpool , it goes back centuries to the Manchester slum days with their old Cottom mill town they have never got over it because they have always felt 2nd best ,whilst Liverpool was building it’s Empire building world class architecture , underground and trams Manchester was hammering stinking cotton sheds together with hammers and nails.

By karen

Deluded …where Capikkkal ov the norff lol

By karen

How is it deluded? If there was a ‘capital of the North’ it would obviously be Manchester.

You’re the one who considers Liverpool a world city despite being miles away from even being the most important city in it’s region!

By Brian

Brian wake up and smell the coffee and stop embarrassing yourselves ..Deluded

By karen

A few ugly office blocks and a unreliable tram service don’t make you Barcelona does it ?your “Manchester” only known for its grim up North, self proclaimed nonsense that you all spill out is very laughable ..outside of Manchester no one care about you, internationally unknown . No one care about an old cotton mill town with no history.

By karen

I can understand why scousers are so desperate to put Manchester down given the tawdry history of their city; a city built almost entirely on back of the state initially through the overseas exploits of the British armed forces and latterly the beneficial impact of successive governments’ regeneration policy. It lacks Manchester’s proud culture of science and innovation and the path of economic development in each city reflects that fact. Liverpool’s stock of establishment-favourite neo-classical style architecture and Georgian terraces of slave traders needs to be seen through that lens.

By Reality check

It really is bizarre that they think they are a world city when obviously that is not the case?
Manchester was the third most visited city in the UK (after Edinburgh and London) with almost double the amount of Liverpool?

By Brian

Yawn, who cares. I thought this website was supposed to be for property professionals?

By Imperator

Liverpool was not built on the back of the state, it was built on the back of investors who funded the first dock. Its hardly been supported by the state since, hence its huge long-term economic decline which its only recently been recovering from. Haha tawdry, what an inappropriate word in this context!

As for the slave trader thing, who do you think picked Manchester’s cotton? Neither city could take the moral high ground on that one.

Manchester does indeed have a proud history of science and innovation, a legacy that clearly is still going strong. I believe the debate was about the city’s liveability.

Visitor numbers includes people coming for events, e.g. football, concerts, Great Manchester Run, etc. There is evidently more of that in Manchester. Not many of those visitors are coming to Manchester to see the city per se; lets be honest there isn’t much to see…

By creep

What a load of rubbish from both sides. If I were an investor reading this I would cringe at some of the comments. Some people prefer Liverpool, some Manchester. I’m firmly in the Liverpool camp. That said, I love Manchester for different reasons. People get on your lives and stop this tit for tat. It’s a property website, not the school playground


Let’s face it, the North West is poor, we all live in London’s shadow, Yorkshire is a nicer place to live and Leeds is the buzzing city of the North. Plus if it’s a nice historic city you’re after surely Chester and York are much better than Liverpool or Manchester.I lived in North Wales where is is full of Liverpudlians and Mancunians who want nothing to do with those places anymore.

By Jules