Steve Bewsher A New Skyline
'A new skyline'


HIGH ART… The level of regeneration going on around Manchester has inspired property professionals and artists alike. Painter Steve Bewsher’s latest exhibition in Altrincham is a range of cityscapes, showing demolition and construction at schemes which may be familiar to many. Although development sites are his muse, it’s not all good news, according to Steve: “Manchester looks like it’s developing but also deteriorating in other ways. Salford Quays used to be a derelict wasteland in the eighties, I preferred it then. For an artist it was a really interesting environment.” Top tip for the artists out there though; a Costa loyalty card is his favourite paint applicator: “It’s free, and it’s not often you get free tools.” Steve Bewsher will be exhibiting at Gateway Gallery, Hale, from Thursday 13 to Saturday 29 September


IN THE CLINK… To Rochdale, where on a recent heritage tour THING enjoyed the privilege of exploring the nooks and crannies of one of the North West’s finest buildings, Rochdale Town Hall. Built in the 1860s, it has been host to royalty, Mayors, Lords, and also criminals, until as recently as the 1970s. A look around the cells that still exist in the basement of the building give interesting insight into the life of those in the clanger, especially as they’ve left behind scrawled or carved graffiti on the walls. While there is the predictable, less *ahem* savoury reminiscences, it’s touching to see how many inmates were pining for their wives/girlfriends, with “I LOVE BRENDA” and “I LOVE JUNE”, left as a memento for years to come.

Andy Burnham Serious

Burnham: Actual face while watching Love Island

NO LOVE LOST… A Love Island obsession has been gripping the nation (although not in the Place offices, THING hastens to add). It seems that no one is safe from Islanders; at an event earlier this week even Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham confessed he had been forced to watch an episode in a rare period of downtime by his enthusiastic daughter. “It’s absolutely atrocious!” He said to a group of press, still reeling from his experience. Certainly not his type on paper…

A BUNCH OF TANKERS… A tank rumbling down Deansgate in Manchester, accompanied by a small army of placard-bearers, whistle-blowers, and flag-wavers was the unusual scene yesterday lunch time. Although at first glance it appeared to be a noisy protest of some sort, that wasn’t the case – it was in fact a marketing campaign for what THING could only surmise was some sort of “healthy” snack. We’re not sure commandeering military vehicles, holding up traffic, and making a racket is the best way to get people to eat healthily, and indeed the stunt encouraged your author to beat a hasty retreat to the nearest Tesco to pick up a bag of Milkybar buttons. Better luck next time guys.

Driving Test Dates

DRIVING WISDOM... Kendal has several claims to fame, and now it has been named as the best place to take one’s driving test in the North West, with 62.6% of learners passing in Kendal, way above the regional average of 47.2%. Cheadle and Hyde also did well, with Chadderton in Oldham being the least successful location in the North West, with a pass rate of just 33.6% in the year to March 2018.  The data, from, tells us that August is the best time to book a test, being the most successful month for five years running, while Boxing Day has the highest failure rate, at 60.5%. Too many idiots on the road heading pell-mell to the sales, clearly. Find out your chances of success here:

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