Naples Car Park


CARPARKITECTURE… Car parks around the world may not always be blessed with the sexiest of designs, and are often thrown up without much thought as functional concrete blocks. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, as a poll by DesignCurial and airport parking site Looking4 has revealed. Pictured above, Quick Parking Morelli in Naples, based in an underground cave, topped the poll for the best-designed car park, followed by AZ Sint-Lucas in Belgium. There was also recognition for Leeds’ Victoria Gate car park, completed in 2016 by architect ACME. To be fair there also a few crackers in the North West, too – the Time Square car park by Leach Rhodes Walker springs to mind.

SNAKE CHARMERS… THING can’t imagine that many people reading this are snake enthusiasts, but it appears some people are. Statistics released by charity Born Free show that there are nearly 5,000 dangerous wild animals being held in Britain, and in the North West, there are a fair few deadly beasts to look out for. In Merseyside, there are 12 “highly venomous” snakes being held privately, along with one gila monster – one of the only venomous lizards in the world – while in Greater Manchester, there are two crocodiles kept in private collections. In the North West, however, Cumbria has the lion’s share – sorry – of dangerous animals at 211; this includes 58 snakes, three cheetahs, and 150 wild boars. So if you’re a ophidiophobe, best stay away.

Liverpool Roadworks

ROADMAP TO ROADWORKS… Liverpool’s £200m investment in fixing potholes, announced just before May’s local elections, is set to be a welcome boost to road users around the city. THING reckons it’s great that the council managed to find £200m down the back of the sofa make the investment in road works, and the city has now launched an interactive map so motorists can see when and where roadworks will be taking place. The map shows what’s happening, how much works will cost, and how long it will take – hopefully helping people to plan their journeys. The funding package was approved at last night’s council meeting, so all being well works will start soon. The map can be accessed here.

MAKING A SPLASH… A few sore heads around Manchester and beyond this morning we imagine, after Urban Splash hosted its “Gold Diggers’ Ball,” a celebration of the developer’s 25th birthday. The property scene descended on Albert Hall for revelry, merriment, and a bit of reflection on the developer’s first-quarter-of-a-century in existence. There was Urban Splash’s own pale ale; Craig Charles and Graeme Park on the decks, and even a round of Happy Birthday led by Tom Bloxham. Same again in 25 years’ time?

Chris Sands

SHIFTING SANDS… Anyone who’s walked Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail – your author included – will know it’s a beautiful part of the world. It’s now set to get a boost after the Sandstone Ridge Trust appointed appropriately-named place-branding specialist Chris Sands, pictured above, to push forward with a project to promote the area’s landscape, heritage, and wildlife. Backed by Heritage Lottery funding, the project will look to raise the profile of the area and to “give it an identity” to help attract more visitors to the Sandstone Ridge. Once the project comes to together, it will be hosted at the Sandstone Ridge Trust’s website, which can be found here.

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