NICKNAME… We can’t get enough of places that have nicknames. The legend that is StalyVegas reflecting the effervescent nightlife of Stalybridge springs to mind. Skem for Skelmersdale has a certain onomatopoeia to it. The latest favourite is for arguably Chester’s trendiest community, Hoole. We might be late to the party – the Notting Hoole Facebook page was set up in June 2014 and has 3,000 followers – but the nickname Notting Hoole is perfect.

Manchester ModernBOOK… The Modernist Society is seeking to raise £7,500 from an online crowdfunding campaign to pay for publication of Manchester Modern, a book celebrating 111 buildings of the 20th and early 21st century:

SEPARATED AT BIRTH… Feilden Clegg Bradley’s Circle Square car park design may bring Connect-Four, cheesegraters and open sandwiches to mind, but perhaps doppelganger is also fitting. We noticed Herzog de Meuron’s recently completed Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg looked strangely familiar… More car parks should take inspiration from concert halls.

Separated At Birth Hamburg Circle Square CaptionsPLAIN ENGLISH RANT… Do you know your “VWware cluster” from your “Xen infrastructure”? Nor do we. If only digital agencies could use plain English. We all need websites to sell our wares and some of us make our living from publishing online but puh-lease, what do you mean web techie person?! Is it important? Do I need to do anything? Remember when letters from the bank were full of legalese that no-one understood and everyone feared? Plain English eventually swept through the industry, led by straight talking down-with-the-kids upstarts like Virgin Money. Speaking in language that customers can understand is essential if tech is to be fully adopted by property folk.

Mark Whitworth (left) and Andrew Percy MP

Chief executive of Peel Ports, Mark Whitworth (left) and Northern Powerhouse minister, Andrew Percy

NORTHERN POWERHOUSE MOMENT… Fair play Peel, you did it again. Hosting the inaugural Northern Powerhouse partners meeting at the Port of Liverpool with ministers and businesses was the latest in a long series of nods for the Mersey and Ship Canal mega-projects proposed by the peerless developer from the top of government taking in the launch of the Ocean Gateway in 2008, later Atlantic Gateway, adopted into Labour’s regional planning strategies – remember those – mentioned in George Osborne’s budgets and now a pin-up of Hammond and May’s thrusting infrastructure expansion. A play for all seasons.

Thing Andrew Gardener John Ogden Cut Out Chris Mulcahy

Ogden appears happy with his place between TSG’s Andrew Gardiner, left, and JLL’s Chris Mulcahy

ABSENTEE… CBRE’s Manchester managing director John Ogden had a night out to remember at the annual Office Agents Society’s Christmas do on Wednesday; just unfortunate he wasn’t actually there to enjoy it. After he had to drop out last minute, his friendly agent colleagues made sure he was there in spirit, with an actual-size cardboard cut-out carted diligently around with them all night. They even made sure to send Ogden photographic proof of all the fun he wasn’t having.

JOANNE RONEY TWEET… The incoming chief executive of Manchester City Council, now serving her notice at Wakefield as she gives up the East of the Pennines for the West, was “Off to West Yorkshire Combined Authority meeting… Assuming they will still let me in..”

We are still waiting to hear if she took her ‘I LOVE MCR’ mug that she celebrated with last week…

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Arent the pics for circle sq and elbphilharmonie the wrong way aroun?

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That’s the joke, Anonymous.

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