Deansgate Square Manchester stock image, Manchester, c Joe Gardner for Place North West
Deansgate Square residents can stock up on wine and cheese. Credit: Place North West


HARVEY NICKS… High-end retailer Harvey Nichols is targeting residents at Renaker’s Deansgate Square this Christmas. A temporary seasonal shop is to open up at the skyscraper cluster selling food and wine, as well as beauty and home items. A two-bedroom apartment in North Tower could set you back more than £1,800 a month according to Rightmove. Let’s hope residents have enough disposable income left over to splash out on cheese and Cab Sauv.

One Heritage Tower Salford

The One Heritage tower was designed by OMI Architect. Credit: via planning documents

PATHWAY… Ground could finally be about to break on a project to deliver what would be Salford’s tallest tower. One Heritage’s eponymous 55-storey skyscraper is to be handed a boost next week if the city council agrees to sign over a slither of riverside land to the developer. Salford acquired the land – facing the Irwell off New Bridge Street in Greengate – in 1991 for the provision of a section of riverside walkway. On Monday, the authority is due to hand it over to One Heritage on a 999-year lease to unlock the 545-apartment development. 


Credit: via Unsplash

FIRE… Manchester City Council will not be holding any of its eight annual bonfire and fireworks displays this year. The authority said it had taken the decision “reluctantly” and added it recognised many people would be disappointed the events had been called off for the second straight year due to Covid concerns. The eight displays include 40,000-capacity extravaganzas at Heaton Park and Platt Fields Park, as well as a 20,000-strong gathering at Wythenshawe Park. While pyromaniacs and lovers of loud noises will be upset by the decision, it is great news for Manchester’s dogs. 

Lyceum And JungleRumble

Collage showing the Lyceum and other Jungle Rumble locations. Credit: all images via planning documents

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE… News that Liverpool’s Lyceum could become an indoor mini-golf attraction was met with indignation. How could such a beautiful, iconic building be used in such a way? But surely something is better than nothing? At least that is the view of one commentator, who said: “In an ideal world we’d see our buildings used to their best potential, and for uses that benefit the public the most. However, that is not the market that exists. Jungle Rumble is willing to invest in, and sensitively restore, the building. Surely that’s better than letting it continue to rot?” Well put.

David Walker Environmental Services Manager With Pendle, P Pendle Council

Environmental services manager David Walker. Credit: via Pendle Council

VEGETABLE POWER... Pendle Council is taking a leaf out of McDonald’s book in a bid to lower its carbon footprint. The fast-food chain runs its lorries on used cooking oil and now Pendle has agreed to try out a sixth-month trial that will see its bin wagons and road sweepers powered by bio-gas made from vegetable oil. The switch could trim up to 500,000 kg of COper year from the authority’s carbon budget and contribute to the vehicles’ five-a-day.

Great Ancoats Street, P.PNW

Credit: PNW

BALANCING BUDGETS… Some good news for those who bemoaned the cost of the Great Ancoats Street overhaul: it came in under budget. This may not surprise those who have lambasted the council for failing to live up to its promise of creating a “European-style boulevard” and questioned how it managed to spend £9m on re-tarmacking the road and planting a few trees. The fact is the project came in just under £9m. This week the council agreed to designate the leftover budget, around £155,000, to a project that has cost more than originally expected, the Stockport Road Pinch Point Scheme.

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Before they divert that money can they just go back and complete the snags? The wonky traffic lights, the dead tress, the mangled metalwork, the pebbles around trees, the chipped stonework etc etc.

By Becky in Ancoats