Lark Lane Car Free, Liverpool, P.Voi
Here's how a car-free Lark Lane could look. Credit: Voi


LARKING AROUND… E-scooter firm Voi has a vision and that vision does not include cars. The coral pink scooters of the Swedish micro-mobility firm can be found in Liverpool, among other places, and while they have not been popular with everyone, Voi is determined to show that its vehicles have a place in the city. To prove its point, the company has mocked up an idyllic image of what a car-free, pedestrianised Lark Lane might look like, complete with e-scooters, of course. 

R&F Travel Retail, Holyhead, P.R&F

Credit: R&F

DUTY-FREE… Like cheap booze? Head to Holyhead where you will find what is being billed as the world’s smallest duty-free store. The shop, fashioned out of a shipping container and run by Swedish company R&F Travel Retail, has just flung open its doors. It is the first time people travelling to the UK from Ireland will be able to take advantage of duty-free goodies since 1999 when this kind of trading was scrapped between EU member states. However, thanks to Brexit, cut-price alcohol, cigarettes and perfume can now be procured from within a 40 ft metal container facing the Irish Sea. Every cloud. 

Manchester Cycling Sfaety Map, P.Tredz

Cyclist safety varies around GM. Credit: Tredz

RIDE SAFE… Six of Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs were among the safest places in England for cycling, according to a study by Tredz, a retailer of all things bike-related. Tredz carried out the study across the country taking into account a variety of factors including CO2 emissions, how many cars are on the road, and the number of bike thefts. Rochdale came out on top and was joined by Oldham, Wigan, Bury, Bolton and Tameside in the top 10. Chris Boardman will be pleased.

Our Beating Heart, Oxford Corridor Of Light, C Studio Vertigo

A previous installation by Studio Vertigo, which will be doing something similar at the Corridor of Light event on Manchester’s Oxford Road. Credit: Studio Vertigo

LET’S GET LIT… Manchester’s Oxford Road corridor is set to receive an illumination makeover this October when artists turn it into their canvas during the Corridor of Light event. Starting on 21 October, creatives will use light as their artistic medium, with pieces like a giant heart-shaped mirror ball at Circle Square, the transformation of the Homeground in First Street site into a “fire garden” and neon lights over Booth Street East. You can catch the show from 6pm to 10pm 21-23 October. You can find more information on the Oxford Road Corridor website.

Pokemon Go, Niantic, P Big Heritage

A look at what awaits users when Niantic adds Liverpool and Birkenhead cultural sites to its games, like “Pokemon Go”. Credit: via Big Heritage

LIVERPOOL GO… Liverpool and Birkenhead are about to get the augmented reality treatment, with US gaming company Niantic set to curate their historic sites into popular games “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” and “Pokémon GO”. Niantic worked with history engagement organisation Big Heritage to do the same thing for Chester back in 2017, adding bits of historical intel into the game maps for players to discover. That led to Chester hosting a massive gaming event with 20,000 people and, according to Big Heritage, it is still a big tourism draw. So, will Pikachu be spotted sharing facts about the Three Sisters? Or will potion ingredients be found at the birthplace of the Guide Dogs? Only time will tell, but if you notice more people glued to their phones than usual in Liverpool this could be why

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I find it extremely hard to believe that any GM boroughs are among the best in the country for bike safety – and why base it on emissions, thefts and number of cars? Surely the only metric that matters is number of cyclists killed or seriously injured per journey or per mile travelled on a bike?

By W

A brief trip along the link provided in the article shows what the study took into account:
“To find out which parts of the country are safest for cyclists, we took the following metrics into account for each local authority in England:

Number of people who cycle at least once per month
Number of cyclists who were injured in a road accident
Funding available via the Active Travel Fund
Bike thefts
CO2 emissions
Vehicles on the road
To ensure that the data for each local authority was proportional and could be compared with others, we used population data from the Office for National Statistics Mid-2020 population estimates. All the data we used and more information on how we gathered this data can be found here.”

By Facts are your friends