Not At All Terrifying Axe Throwing Whistle Punks
Not At All Terrifying Axe Throwing Whistle Punks


STRESSBUSTER… Got an axe to grind? As of February you pretty much can. Whistle Punks ‘urban axe-throwing’ club is coming to the Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester. Drop those adult colouring books; 2017 is all about hurling axes at a target to unwind, probably.

VTS Hightower

New York proptech pioneers join forces

PROPTECH MOVE… Expect VTS and Hightower, two New York-based software companies aimed at streamlining leasing management, to accelerate into the UK market following their $300m merger this week. Both have been starting to target regional office landlords in recent months, shepherded by two bright young UK managing directors, VTS’s Charlie Wade, ex-JLL, and Hightower’s Seb Abigail, ex-Knight Frank. Pooling resources, under the VTS brand, should be a good thing for progressive property companies looking to apply some digital disruption to their portfolios.

Walter Menzies Portrait

Bard of Bollington, Walter Menzies

BOOK… If self-published rants by semi-retired lefty regen do-gooders is your idea of bedtime reading, then fill your boots with Walter Menzies’ latest book, Changing Places in England’s Northwest. The second book from his own Hector Press imprint, the former Mersey Basin chief and now non-exec to the Land Trust and Canal & River Trust is best ranting entertainingly against mediocre planning and the “boring, spirit-crushing townscape” in small towns, “this is not thrilling disaster porn”. “Ashton is not Detroit.” Quite. Yours for £9.99 in paperback on Amazon.

ACRONYM… Did you know we’re living in a Vuca world? Before you check your feet, this isn’t the name of a newly discovered strain of wart, but rather a piece of management speak, gifted us by Bruntwood’s science parks MD Thomas Renn. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Once a military term referring to the Cold War, now appropriated to summarise these most uncertain of times.

SALES ATTACK… Overheard at an early Christmas drinks from an eager business development manager: “You’ve got to kill it, cook it and have someone back at the office farming.” Alright, mate!

Ma Image Xmas 2016PARTY GIMMICK… It must be hard dragging those studious architects out of the office for a Christmas bevvy. Such is the challenge facing the Manchester Society of Architects, as a bonus for those attending their party next Wednesday there’s a design-your-own Christmas tree decoration competition, with a festive hamper for the winner. As if architects don’t spend enough time playing with bits of paper and glue. It must have worked, the event is sold out.


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