Bucket Fountain
Listing.Piazza Fountain, Beetham Plazza, Drury Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside.Kinetic water sculpture designed 1965-67 by Welsh sculptor Richard Huws and opened 2nd May 1967 for a budget of £10,000. Built by Cammell Laird Shipbuilders with a sign commemmorating the history of the Goree Plazza (now Beetham) named after the West African island that was a key commercial island and one time slave trading post. View from west.


BOUQUET…Looks like spot listing can sometimes be a good thing, at least when it comes to a bucket fountain in Liverpool. Development plans for Beetham Plaza had to be delayed due to Richard Huws’ bucket fountain, and it has now been listed on Historic England’s National Heritage List this year, along with 47 other sites in the region. Looks to be…buckets of fun.

Talking Bench Chester Linda Jones And Cllr Gittins

GOOD CHAT… Sometimes when you go for a walk and you feel a bit lonely, don’t you wish a bench would reach out? Well, if you live in Chester, your dreams have become a reality with the addition of “chatter chairs” into the Hoole Way sunken garden, to encourage conversation at a time of the year when people feel particularly lonely. A reminder to all of us to reach out to those we may know in need of a good chat.

Zip Wire Liverpool Dec 2019

ZIP IT… The confirmed best way to get to work is by zip wire, and Liverpool inhabitants, your commute is about to get much better. Zip World, which operates zip lines across Snowdonia National Park, has submitted a planning application to Liverpool City Council for its first urban zip line. The plans would see customers travel from the top of St Johns Beacon to the top of the Liverpool Central Library. If approved it would open in 2021, so you have plenty of time to get your helmets ready.

Manchester Sprout Dec 2019

SPROUTS… The nation’s most controversial, albeit essential, Christmas accompaniment is the sprout, but around 1m kg of sprouts are thrown away every Christmas, which equates to the size of Manchester; that’s a lot of sprout. In a nationwide survey of Brits commissioned by One Billion Lives and YouGov, it was also revealed that Christmas pudding is the second most thrown away item, and third was Christmas cake.


APPROVAL… Manchester planning committees are always a delight; whether a dramatic meeting or a controversial scheme, they are always a highlight of the month. Cllr Sam Wheeler, a representative of the Northern Quarter Ward, has been scathing over a few schemes in the past, but at a committee meeting yesterday, Wheeler made light of his previous derision: “I know this will surprise some, but I actually quite like this scheme,” he said of Far East Consortium’s application for 80 apartments on Addington Street. Ultimately, the scheme was deferred, but nobody can say it was off Cllr Wheeler’s back.

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The bucket fountain – quirky but delightful, it was originally intended for Williamson Square (I think) but has ended up in the current miserable location where few see it. The tall buildings around it mean that the fountain gets little sunlight and the location always feels cold and damp, so it looks algified and rather forlorn. The viewing platforms smell like public toilets (and probably are). It needs refurbishment and it ought to be relocated so that more people can see this zany structure.


By Liver lad

Has Manchester moved to Oldham, on the sprout map?

By Bob