Caverswall Castle


CASTLE… Have you ever wanted to have your own castle? Don’t lie; as far as property goes, it’s the cream of the crop. Thankfully, you’re in luck. Grade one-listed 20-acre Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire has gone up for sale, and comes with its own moat and dungeon making it a very castley-castle as far as castles go. Avison Young has been appointed to market the site, so if you’re feeling particularly 17th century, the firm would be happy to arrange a consultation.

Steve Rotheram TfN

HANDBAGS… Fisticuffs were narrowly averted at a Transport for the North’s board meeting this week, with Liverpool Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen and TfN chair John Cridland getting into a bit of argy-bargy. The spat stemmed from what Steve Rotheram saw as heckling from Houchen, and Cridland had to step in after claiming Rotheram was being “rude” to other members. You’d have thought our leaders have enough to worry about other than getting into pan-Northern handbags, but sadly not. Can’t we all just get along?

Poole Dick

AHEM… Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your mind out of the gutter, and other times, you can’t help but keep it there. In a blog post announcing its imminent return to Manchester city centre, construction management consultant Poole Dick reminded readers of its saucy history in its original city centre office, aside from the name of the company itself, as it was “located next to Knobs and Knockers (the ironmongers), and at that time I reported to a director named Mr Cocker“. THING hopes for more accidental innuendos to come from its new offices at SPACE in Peter’s House, St Peter’s Square.

Manchester Moon Festival


MOON… 20 of Manchester’s street signs have had a revamp in recent days to reflect the launch of Manchester Moon Festival, a two day event celebrating the traditional Chinese harvest. The event, which will have live music, artisanal stalls of food and crafts, and colourful lantern displays alongside mooncakes aplenty, is to take place in Faulkner Street car park this weekend.

Havwoods Bus


BEEP…Can you get more British than a big red bus? This week, wood flooring company Havwoods has been driving around Manchester in a decked out bus handing out free things to people including coffee, cruffins, gin, and popcorn. As far as marketing campaigns go, one that includes a lovely finish, breakfast foods and fine beverages is typically a winner.

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what the **** is a “cruffin”?

By the seaside, beside the sea

A ‘Cruffin’ is a stuffed Croissant baked in a Muffin mould.

By Paul Hollywood

Probably designed by some Hipster in Camden and not for the like of us Northern folk

By Tha'Knows

I thought it was a small breed of dog. Maybe our resident expert baker knows better.

By Confused