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COMING OUT OF MY CAGE… Do you like the films of Nicolas Cage? Stupid question, of course you do, and you’re in for a treat. The Chapeltown Picture House, on the fourth floor of Capital & Centric’s Crusader Mill in Manchester, is hosting something special over the weekend of 20 September, the House of Cage festival. Friday is a bit of ‘Serious Cage’ with Raising Arizona followed by Wild At Heart; Saturday has some of the finest action movies committed to film with The Rock followed by Con Air; and Sunday’s lot is a bit more ‘Surreal Cage’ with the excellent Bad Lieutenant and Mandy on show. THING will be there with bells on, potentially in excellent Cameron Poe fancy dress featuring a pink bunny to be put back in a box. The only minor, and it is very minor, criticism is a lack of Face/Off, but then, you can’t have everything. Tickets can be found here.

Alastair Sheehan And Steve Jordan Of HBV Greet The Delegation Of Social Work And Housing Professionals From South Korea 1

KOREA ADVANCEMENT…  As much as many of us complain about the UK’s social housing system – and rightly so in many cases – it turns out we might be able to teach others a thing or two about housing. A delegation of South Korean academics and chief executives paid a visit to the North West this week to find out how local authorities work with private developers to deliver supported living schemes for vulnerable adults, touring a range of new-build development across the region. The delegation from the Korean Association of Social Workers and Samsung Electronics was greeted by Altrincham-based supported living developer HBV, finding “plenty of common ground” between how housing is delivered in South Korea and the UK. Just don’t teach them anything about our politics please.

SPACE-AGE… Who hasn’t thought about flying taxis and space holidays? It would definitely beat the morning commute and a B&B, but is it really feasible? According to clever people at Samsung, who released a report called ‘The Future in Focus’ today, all this and more, including 3D printed organs, could be on the table in 50 years time. For now however, we’ll enjoy the recent futuristic addition to Manchester’s Metrolink network… contactless payment.

Lego Suffragette

BRICKS… A Lego suffragette is heading to South Ribble next month as part of a national tour marking 100 years of women’s suffrage. The figure, named ‘Hope’ and commissioned by the Government, is made up of 35,000 Lego bricks, stands 5ft 6ins tall, weighs nearly 15 stone, and took 171 hours to build. It’s heading to the South Ribble Museum and Exhibition Centre and will be hosted there from 7-30 September; it won’t be roped off either with the museum encouraging both touching and selfies, so have at it.

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