THING Liver Building Post Apocalyptic
PlayStation's take on the future of the Royal Liver Building


TENUOUS PR STUNT… If you’re not the parent of a teenager you may not be aware, but PlayStation did a massive new game release this week, the eagerly awaited (by game fanatics) Horizon Zero Dawn. To celebrate the game giant put together a property-related PR stunt. Futuristic images have been created of Liverpool’s iconic Royal Liver Building, and Manchester favourite Beetham Tower, showing what they might be like in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic time when the world’s been taken over by monsters. Reassuring.

At least Manchester’s future incorporates a bit more city centre green space…

Manchester Beetham Post Apoc


MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE… The property networking circuit is a great place to pick up tips on business and staff management. A favourite this week, from a senior developer who will not be named, went as follows: “Our team works like this. I’m on top of the hill, surveying the land, seeing which way the enemy might be coming from. Everyone else is at the bottom of the hill, in the water, fighting the crocodiles. They want to come up the hill, I say no.” Their HR meetings must be fun.


THING Cycle Path

MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE… The Churchgate & Lee office complex in Manchester city centre had a bit of a spruce up recently, with a new bike store installed, perhaps to give staff that extra bit of encouragement to cycle off any winter excesses. Or perhaps it’s the messages that have been printed on the walls that are meant to motivate. With a mix of occupiers already in the buildings, and plans to create a base for the future GM Mayor underway, we wonder which unfortunate boss this message was aimed at…


THING Manchester Piccadilly Adverts

UNFORTUNATE JUXTAPOSITION… One wonders if the guys at Manchester Piccadilly knew what they were doing with the latest installation of adverts above the station exit. Welcome to Manchester, home of great fashion brands, such as Pretty Little Thing. But just to throw in some Northern grit while you spend your hard-earned cash, don’t forget that in the city’s underworld, everything comes at a price.


THING Whalley Range WITCH

HIDDEN GEM… For residents of Manchester’s Whalley Range, Jam Street Cafe is a well known haunt. But they might not know that on the walls of this unassuming café hangs a painting that has caused a bit of a furore in recent years. A large, colourfully splattered canvas is in fact an abstract portrayal of the oldest original working digital computer, the Harwell Deckatron, better known as the WITCH. This was completely unknown to café owner Khaldip Bhamber when she picked up what she thought was just a colourful painting at a school auction a couple of years’ ago. Artist John Yeadon believed his masterpiece was lost, until an internet hunt brought his frantic search to Bhamber’s attention last year, and art and artist were reunited. Soon the painting is set to go on loan to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, as part of a retrospective of Yeadon’s work as he turns 70. All’s well that ends well.


Lovell Telescope By Simon James

Lovell Telescope, photo by Simon James

SOCIAL MEDIA LAUNCH… Heritage Lottery Fund has taken a big step into modernity, launching itself into the fray of Instagram and Facebook. To get the party started, it ran a month-long photography competition, using the hashtag #HeritageTreasures. From Lancashire cotton reels, to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and parish churches, the public sent in 7,000 pictures. The winner though was a disco-ball type shot of the North West’s very own Jodrell Bank telescope, by Simon James. Perhaps the dish should be fluorescent pink all the time. View more about the competition here

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The Beetham Tower looks amazing!

By Carzi

Beetham Tower looks better than it actually looks in Manchester.