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TfGM to establish £100m Metrolink framework

Transport for Greater Manchester is to establish a framework for renewals and enhancements to the Metrolink tram system.

As of July 2017, TfGM has taken on responsibility for funding and the direct instruction of all renewals and enhancements on the network. In order to create a direct route to market to meet emerging requirements, it is proposing to implement appropriate framework agreements to carry out works.

The work is divided into a series of lots:

1) Strategic Lot — Multi-disciplinary firms, including all disciplines within Specialist Lots, for works in excess of £2m per project. Three to five suppliers are sought.

2) Specialist Lots – all for works sub-£2m per project, with three to five suppliers sought per lot.

a. Civil and structural works – stops, car parks, retaining walls, tunnels and bridges, embankments, other structures, culverts, drainage, roads etc.

b. Buildings – including but not limited to stops, escalators and lifts, stop equipment rooms, depot buildings and equipment, stop shelters.

c. Permanent Way – track renewals, track bed etc.

d. Power – overhead line equipment, bonding, low voltage power and substations including traction power and associated infrastructure.

e. Signalling, systems and communications – fibre replacement, stray current equipment, supervisory control and data acquisition system, CCTV, telecoms and tram management system.

Relevant Network Rail accreditations may be required for certain projects, such as sections of shared Metrolink track and Altrincham station.

The overall value of the projects stated is £34m to £100m. The lower end of the range reflects the estimated minimum value of works that will be instructed over the five-year period – essentially, the existing renewals and enhancements programme.

The upper end of the range reflects potential funding that may be obtained for enhancements or other works that TfGM may undertake over the period, and also allows for extensions of up to three years.

At this stage, there is no further detail on other available funding.

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Just make it cheaper and more reliable, rather than a laughing stock….

By Schwyz

They need to spend money on keeping people safe who use it.Never been on a public transport system as dangerous for violent incidents.

By Elephant

One of the lots is missing:

f) Conbrook Points

By Greg

I have an improvement idea for you. Make the tickets cost less, make the tram go faster, make so that you don’t get a point failure every week.

By Wielki gruby Andrzej