Tesco store proposals on view in Hattersley

Michael Hunt

A series of consultation events have been held in Hattersley over plans for a 60,000 sq ft Tesco store and district centre to be built on derelict land off Stockport Road and Ashworth Lane, known locally as the 'Mottram Roundabout' site.

The project is part of a masterplan for regenerating the area and has the support of partners Peak Valley Housing Association, Tameside Council in Greater Manchester, the Homes & Communities Agency and developer CTP.

Phil Corris, managing director for Peak Valley Housing Association, a subsidiary of the Contour Housing Group, said: "It was good to see so many people attend the consultation and there was a real buzz in the air as people realise that the long awaited plans for the redevelopment of this gateway site is now starting to take shape. This is an important part of the multi million pound regeneration plans for Hattersley and our partners are looking forward to bringing extensive retail facilities to the local community and of course to creating many new jobs."

Keith McCormack, from developers CTP, added: "We have been working with Tesco and land owners Peak Valley Housing Association and the council to produce this exciting scheme. It was wonderful to get such positive feedback about the proposals from the local community."

Matt Magee, Tesco corporate affairs manager, said: "In these tough conditions we feel that our regeneration partnership, through which we ring-fence a large number of jobs for people out of work or on benefits for at least six months, is more important than ever in a climate where many people are worried about job security."

Peak Valley Housing Association, which is the landlord of over 1,550 properties in Hattersley, said that the proposals are part of Tesco's regeneration partnership scheme, which has helped over 6,000 long term unemployed across the UK back into work.

The Tesco scheme aims at providing help and advice on producing applications and interview skills for lone parents, older people who have been made redundant, people who have never worked before and those with disabilities. Peak Valley Housing Association said that recruits who complete a six week training programme would be guaranteed a job.

Further consultation events are planned to take place on Thursday 20 May at Arundale Primary School between 8.30am-9.30am and 3pm-4.30pm.

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i really dont think this will do any good to the area, hattersley is a place to live in a safe and secluded area, hattersley was built because it was an over flow from salford, and now ur bringing stores and shops here and in 5-10 year it will be another gorton and salford, its all surrounded by green belt and farms and it quite and layed back and ur just gonna make it busy, more crime, and run down. ur all here to make money and not help us who live here, if you lived here would u want that on ur door step, i hope u contact me back,

By mr d newton

Why on earth do we need another Tesco!? The traffic around the site is bad enough without making it worse!! As a resident of broadbottom it’s hard enough to get out of the village as it is! Messing with the ashworth lights is going to be a nightmare! The area is a greenbelt area and does not need this proposed building, the area needs housing not another bloody tescos !!! It’s all about money nothing to do with regeneration. It will bring nothing but trouble and crime!

By very concerned

It is well know that the end of the M67-Mottram area is a traffic bottlenck, with frequent long queues. That is why there have been proposals for a bypass, which has not been built for a mixture of reasons, politial, environmental, financial. Putting a large superstore in Hattersley will make the the traffic much worse. As a local resident I am totally opposed to this development. Why should we have our environment spoilt, and car journeys lengthened just to increase the profits of a supermarket. There are plenty of supermarkets in our area. We do not want or need another.

By broadbottom resident

I am appauled at the lack of consultation with the local population. I feel that my right to have known about the size of this development well before hand has been ignored. There is already traffic chaos in the area not just at peak times which is costing time, fuel and the environment. Needless to say the impact on the health of the local residents. We do not need another supermarket. There are supermarkets in 5 miles of Mottram. We need to protect our local shops & businesses.

By J Kane

I am a local resident who was born and bred in Hollingworth and I think the new Tesco will be great for the people of Hollingworth. Yes, we’ve got a traffic problem and we needed a by-pass 10 years ago and more!, but, at least I won’t have to keep travelling to the Glossop Tesco and sitting in the queue’s which Glossop has created through too much building. Hollingworth people have suffered enough already for it!.We shouldn’t be banging on Tescos’ door but banging on the governments’ door and asking them where the money went for our badly needed by-pass!!!!

By mrs bradley

I think the tescos will make the area better as it will provide more jobs and make it easier for for old aged pensioners and disabled persons to get there shopping as at the moment the closest shop fior them to get the weekly shop would be morrisons in hyde. The only problem with the super market will give youths a new place to hand out and cause problems. if there was some else built there to move them away for instence a skatepark possibly indoors or under a shelter to keep the weather out. also a possible that may help would to referbish the recreation centre in mottram.

By Chris

You HAVE to be kidding with your pessimistic comments.

We have more disruption in Hattersley with noisy kids motorbikes and drugs!

Tesco is convenient for those who live there, it has not effected the traffic, its out of the way of the houses and its not a disruption at all, unlike that god awful new ‘community hub’ which is a painful sight to see. It has given hundreds of job opportunities for people of Hattersley to finally actually MAKE something of their lives rather than waste their life away sitting in their council houses having dozens of children and living off the taxpayer. Lets face it, Hattersley is an ugly area and if anything this store has made it look better and get the best reputation it has ever had. By rights Mcdonalds is worse than tesco but all you fatties love that don’t you. Even doley’s can shop there, they can buy food for their kids and have future job prospects rather than sitting in their pajamas smoking cigarettes, which by the way the taxpayer pays for, all day now. Grow up and accept a revolution.

By All for tesco