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The 41-storey tower would be the tallest at MediaCityUK

Tallest MediaCityUK tower close to approval

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

The detailed application for X1 Developments’ 1,300-home scheme in Salford Quays, and the fourth and final phase of Harworth’s Logistics North industrial site, are both due for consent next week.

X1’s four-block proposal includes a 41-storey tower which would be MediaCityUK’s tallest building.

Plans for the development of up to six buildings on a plot at Michigan Avenue, near to the Broadway Metrolink, were revealed by Peel L&P last year. Salford City Council granted outline consent in March, giving permission for the scheme to reach up to 47 storeys. Jeffrey Bell Architects and NJL Consulting advised on the project.

The reserved matters application put forward to the council shows X1 and Vermont taking forward the scheme under the name of X1 MediaCityUK Phase II after acquiring the site from Peel. The plot adjoins X1’s development of four 26-storey residential blocks known as X1 Media City.

The application details four buildings, ranging in height from the 41-storey tower to 14 storeys.

In total, the scheme would comprise 1,298 apartments and 16 townhouses, split into 577 one-bedroom, 622 two-bedroom and 99 three-bedroom properties. There would also be 15,000 sq ft of ground floor commercial space.

X1 has previously said Media City UK Phase II would be built in four phases, starting with a 31-storey block totalling 366 flats, alongside the public realm. The 41-storey tower would form the third phase.

Plot H

At the same planning committee meeting, Salford City Council is due to approve the final phase of Harworth’s Logistics North.

Plot H at Logistics North, off Lomax Way, is to be built speculatively and will sit next to the Multiply, a smaller-unit development within the wider logistics park. The unit will be made up of a 45,000 sq ft warehouse with 6,000 sq ft office, and will include a two-storey office and reception area.

Multiply Logistics North is being delivered as a joint venture between Harworth and the Lancashire County Pension Fund. The latest warehouse will be built in the same style as the Multiply units but is being delivered solely by Harworth.

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GREAT, more expensive appartments for the middle class yuppies. Just think 35 years ago this area around the old Salford docks was all wasteland and then the PEEL LOT jumped in and bought it all really cheap of Salford council. I’m all for more properties being built, but there should be a lot more AFFORDABLE properties for the working class people of Salford.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

So Darren would you rather it was still wasteland?

By Anonymous

Agree with author of previous comment – love that Salford and Manchester is booming but what price is affordable and will it be affordable for local Salfordians or Mancunians – affordable means “if you can afford” the over priced properties. It is same with GMSF proposals with 80000 homes being built on Carrington Moss 30% of which are “affordable” – Someone put a price on what is affordable !!!!


@ Darren Working class people from Salford do live in these apartments pal. People that need easy access to the huge amount of jobs available in Manchester / Salford city centre and the quays. Young single salfordians, couple, young families, all sorts. If they weren’t affordable they wills to live there. There’s loads of affordable housing in Salford already. Stop talking the city down you’re an embarrassment.

By Salford lad

If you look up Darren you’ll be able to see them waving at you.

By Emma Peel

They can move out

By Anonymous

Still called salford

By Anonymous

There’s plenty of affordable homes in Salford. That’s the problem.


There are cheaper properties in Salford, Darren. Have you thought about renting one in Lower Broughton? If that`s still too expensive, you`d be better off moving back to Liverpool.

By Anonymous

Eeee, I too am wondering now that docks have closed and pit is no longer supporting me how these yuppie flats are are going to be filled. I just don’t understand it.

By Anybody

Why do we need more apartments we need afordable housing were do all the tenants come from in this uncertain world

By Elaine arathoon

I wonder what the prices of these “little boxes” properties will be.. I think because it’s swanky Salford quays area the price will be roughly £225,000 for a 1bed, 2bed 275,000 and a 3bed about 325,000, not at all affordable for most people in Salford.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

The grasp of economics and the housing market of some of the people who post on here is laughable. If my knowledge of a subject was so poor, I’d keep quiet for fear of embarrassment. I suppose ignorance breeds no shame.

By Anonymous

Any housing helps affordable housing, so if these were not built, there will be less affordable housing. This may sound crazy, but it’s basic economics. This is how. GM has x amount of housing stock for x population. That population is growing, so unless housing grows as well, the existing stock becomes more scarce and thus more expensive – for everyone. What happens is that as the prices go up, people who have money will always be able to find houses even if they have to buy working class homes and renovate them. However, it will become increasingly difficult for people on lower income to afford homes. When these apartments are built, it increases the housing stock in the city, so helping with the overall housing crisis. The problem is that not enough homes are built. Granted, councils should be building affordable housing as well, but not in the areas with the most valuable land like Salford Quays or the city centre – as this is not a good use of tax payer money. It is also the roll of councils to build social housing, not developers as unlike developers, councils shouldn’t be focused on profit. These buildings are built by developers so why should they be forced to build unprofitable homes?

By Anonymous

We need a lot more affordable flats.

By Salford Bobby

Average person who do work in Salford are on 20 grand a year, how can a average person in Salford afford these flats

By John Salford.

If people think £200k apartment is not affordable they can buy some of these 2up2 down for £100k plus In Salford. If they still think that’s unaffordable perhaps they should stop moaning and leave the country and see how people survive in other countries by working hard and living within their means (or doing two jobs to earn a bit more). It’s hard to believe normally working people cannot save up £10K for a deposit.

By Capitalist A

Lays take a fresh perspective. Firstly X1 are selling homes from £120,000. Secondly the whole of the ship canal employed 5000 people over its entire 36 miles. Today 28,000 people live and work in Salford Quays.


Plus a Media university training students for jobs of the future


TJL @ these appartments will not be £120,000, double that price.l

By Darren born bred Salford