Lidl Baguley

Summer opening planned for Baguley Lidl

Construction work has started on Lidl’s latest store in Greater Manchester, a 24,000 sq ft supermarket next to Tesco Extra in Baguley.

Formby-based contractor Browns has started a six-month construction programme on the store, which is slated to open by August this year. Construction work is due to complete in late July.

Both existing office buildings on the site, Southmoor House and Shepherd House, are being demolished to make way for the supermarket, which includes 14,300 sq ft of sales space alongside 141 car parking spaces.

The existing site entrance off Timpson Road will be retained and reconfigured, while pedestrian access will be provided from Altrincham Road and Southmoor Road.

The new store has been designed by Space Architects with Rapleys as planner and SCP as transport planner. Plans for the project were approved in November last year.

The opening of the store will bring the number of supermarkets along Altrincham Road to three; alongside Tesco’s long-established store, and Brookway Retail Park’s Aldi store.

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Three food stores within 100 yards of each other! And two of them look exactly the same!
Is there a real need?

By Dover

A foolish plan, given that as mentioned, there’s a Tesco next door, plus a newly refurbished Aldi across from that and a new Aldi 5 minutes away in Sharston.

This area does not need another supermarket.

By Justin

Great!!! I like Lidl, but around Wythenshawe is only Tesco, ASDA and Aldi :/

By Monika

We prefer Lidl to Aldi so we’ll be delighted to have a branch nearer than the one in Councillor Lane.

By Astare

Another choice from the over priced tesco.

By John lomax

More competition keener prices

By John lomax

Delighted to hear that Lidl is opening near me, Tesco have priced themselves out

By Joan

I’m so happy and waiting for lidl to open in my area …becouse I’m traveling to lidl in cheadle to do my lovely shopping.

By Delal Rabbee

Great, I travel to Cheadle weekly now I will have a Lidl 5 minutes away

By Steven

So pleased Lidl opening in Baguley. Definitely prefer it to Aldi. Now only missing a Morrison’s store in the Altrincham, Timperley area.

By Wheeler

Can’t wait for Sainsbury’s to finally arrive in this area.. apparently were not good enough?!

By Hc

The hoardings around the proposed Lidl store at Baguley near Manchester, have been removed and the site has no indication of any building work being carried out. The land is cleared of everything. Is this proposed supermarket going ahead or not !

By Confused

Might make the others check their prices !!
Even b& m have put prices up since the refurb and tesco are just cheeky with their prices smaller ammounts same price ???

By Jonboy

Confused. The store is built AND THEY are landscaping the area around the store plus the carpark


Any one know what date it opens !!!!

By Julie

Is there need, I don’t know. Voting starts any day now. Cast your votes in the tills of the three supermarkets and see how many of them stay open…

By Mark Clayton

I think its great to have a choice. Nip from one to the other. Fairness to ALL.

By Dianne

Is Lidl open now?

By Lloyd

I’m looking forward to shopping at lidle so near home.

By Carol Green

Great I love Lidl. Just what we need. When is it opening?

By Kerry Peacock

When does it open

By Nic

These comments are all over the shop

By lidl confused

Excellent, shop nicely presented and if it kicks Aldi and Tesco into a price war perhaps the customer will benefit (at least for a little while)
New store needs more staff on the shop floor until customers are more up to speed on the layout and stock carried

By More the Merrier