Eamar Stockport 2
The building has been designed by Stephenson Studio

Stockport Pyramid owner plots resi tower

Dan Whelan

Eamar Developments, the Saudi Arabian investor that bought the distinctive office building for £4.5m last May, has lodged plans for an 18-storey residential tower elsewhere in the town, comprising 98 apartments. 

The block would be built on a 22,000 sq ft car park between Piccadilly and Fletcher Street in the Greater Manchester town, close to St Peter’s Church and opposite the 11-storey Regal House apartment block. 

Of the 98 apartments, 43 would have one bedroom, 40 would have two and eight would have three bedrooms. 

There would be 7,500 sq ft of retail space on the ground floor and seven three-bedroom townhouses running along the Fletcher Street side of the site, as well as public realm improvements led by landscape architect Re-Form. 

The scheme, designed by architect Stephenson Studio, is the latest Saudi Arabian investment in the town. The kingdom’s Majdiah Residence is bringing forward a £15m project to convert the grade two-listed Meadow Mill close to Portwood roundabout into 213 apartments, with work expected to complete next May. 

Eamar bought the Pyramid building from the Cooperative Bank last year. The project team for the investor’s proposed residential tower includes heritage consultant Cotswold Archaeology, M&E consultant Dice Consulting and Acoustic Engineer BWB Consulting.

Croft is the transport consultant, Curtins carried out site investigation, and Delta-Simons consulted on air quality. 

The energy consultant for the scheme is Couch Perry Wilkes, the tree surveyor is TPM Landscape and Arcaero is the wind engineer. 

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By Ryan Dior

What is that.

By Anonymous

Who, in their right mind, would choose to live here among all the vehicular traffic fumes?

By Christopher J Green

Dont you think there are enough swanky apartments in stockport most are empty.We need more really affordable housing

By Anon

Is the developer building the new properties in Stockport going to have fire proof cladding

By Nadine

You would live there with all the yobs around the area

By Mr logan

Another no thought 60s tower good enough for Stockport…

By Ian Rowland

Is that on the old ABC Cinema site that is a car park now. Not that much traffic but I do agree who in their right mind would want to live there?

By Roger

To be fair Stephenson Studio have designed some really great projects in Ancoats including the Leonardo hotel (Jenga Style). I would imagine the end product will look so much better than this drawing. There seems to be a lot of money being pumped in to Stockport Town Centre and fair play to the council they seem to be very pro active in securing government funding. I really think Stockport could set the footprint for future town centre regeneration. They just need to open the river up who builds over one of their greatest assets ?

By Steven C

Sounds good and positive for the Borough.

By Graham Jones

affordable housing, affordable housing… what is wrong with you moaners, we don’t need more Vicky Pollards and affordable housing, we need educated professionals. Stop moaning about development, Manchester needs it. Move to Burnley if it bothers you that much ffs

By Michael

Stockport is not the same Stockport was better back in the 90s 80s 70s 60s and so on there used to be Everything now there’s nothing for people to do in the 90s use to be cheaper cinema laser quest bowling all sorts now grand Central don’t Exist apart from what’s there now I know you’re making Stockport future look but don’t forget leave alot of old history in place I’d never Erase history buildings even like the real old cinemas not like todays If I went to Stockport now I’d feel like a ghost from the past because its all changed

By Mark ashworth

We need houses with gardens- flats are on their way out of fashion with families who recognise the importance of green outdoor space

By lizzypanther

We do not need another tower block in Stockport ..We need community . A place for families to live and children to play and grow together ..

By Money Talks

@lizzypanther, large, ultra low density housing with gardens is the last thing we need in Stockport. If all of our residents lived in low density housing, we would have breathtaking suburban sprawl and a car-centered city with little workable public transport. The vast majority of GM is already ultra low density housing, so we need the opposite, especially in town centres like this. If we live in a sprawling city based on houses with gardens as we already do, the places to start building density are the major town centres and alongside rail corridors. Town centres like Stockport are perfect for this. Having higher density in these centres brings in more people to live right next to all the retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, theatres, cinemas and offices, helping those businesses survive in these changing times. Having densities around major transport interchanges also allows many people to ditch the car and use public transport. All of this should also help people like yourself you prefer the car-focused, low density suburban house with a garden, as people who move into these apartments are not hogging the houses you love nor the streets you drive on. Let them have the apartments and you can have your garden.

By Joe

It looks like a tribute to 1970s brutalism, which is never a good thing. Awful to look and even less desirable to live in.

By Jon P

Go on, own up, who posted this on the Stockport Residents Facebook page to attract all this moaning? ‘”In my day you could buy a 9 bedroom house for 20 shillings, and still have change to buy a brick to throw at Burnley fans”


Looks great, big fan of the chimney stack core.

Not sure what the issue with traffic fumes is about in this location (not where the pyramid is!) Plenty of residential nearby this site which is doing just fine.

By Anon

Why can’t you put the apartments inside the pyramid

By Angela

Nothing wrong with investment in any area IMO. However I agree with previous comments about the types of homes being built. I suppose the fewer houses there are then it will keep house property prices through the roof, it’s like that for a reason and it’s not to suit the masses. Ridiculous statements being made on here about moving to affordable areas (where work is non existent.) Truth is housing is so short that anything will sell, regardless at overall suitability.

By James Doherty


By Alan

These look like the high rise blocks of small flats around the ancoats area. At least they won’t be as expansive as the high rise blocks around Manchester and Salford, these are in Stockport.

By Darren born bred.

Keep building flats ,houses etc but no school no roads just money money greedy mustards!!!

By Ray

We do not need such flats in Stockport we need affordable housing. I don’t think a lot of flats are taken and they’re new

By V concar

Who in their right mind would want to live in Stockport.

By Floyd

Exciting looking scheme from a practice that have a track record of delivering quality architecture. @Darren born bred – I’d be interested to know a development in Ancoats that you consider this to look like? This is in a completely different league to the majority of dross Manchester Life have thrown up in that area over recent years.

By Peter

Stockport does not need affordable housing, it needs high quality property to attract progressive professional people to the area. The idea is to improve the town not let it fester in its current state.

By Dave

This would be a disgusting addition to our town. We are not a city and do not need anymore high rise towers. It looks really ugly, we dont want this.

By Beryl Smith

Looks awful

By stephen beswick