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Stockport Homes lodges Cheadle proposals

Working with architect PRP, the housing association has advanced plans to redevelop a site on Edinburgh Close, Cheadle, to deliver a 53-apartment extra care scheme.

The proposed apartment block will replace an existing sheltered housing development dating from the 1960s; these two two-storey blocks contain 33 one-bedroom units each and sit off Councillor Lane. The site is owned by Stockport Council, and managed by Stockport Homes.

Their planned replacement will reach three storeys and will provide a mix of 53 one and two-bed extra care units, split between 37 one-beds and 14 two-beds, along with a bistro, hair salon, lounge, laundry facilities, and landscaped gardens. The apartments will be available for the over 55s.

The brick-clad block will be roughly L-shaped with gardens to the rear and access via Councillor Lane.

The existing car park will be expanded from 10 spaces to 25 units the proposals, which have now been submitted to Stockport Council for consideration. The council will maintain ownership of the land while the new development will also be operated by Stockport Homes.

The architect said the proposals would provide “a home for life within a community of like mined older people, within apartments that can be adapted for the particular users’ needs.

“Along with the social and emotional support provided to residents by staff it is essential that the physical environment is enabling in terms of the likely impairments that those residents will experience with increasing age and frailty.”

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My late Father lived there very happily, why woukd you want to destroy a lovely complex just to replace it with something similar? It is a great place to live and what about the current residents living there?

By Beryl Smith

I know planners are now favouring flat roof blocks but come on architects/Stockport Homes this looks like a commercial building in Salford quays, where’s the imagination for a suburban area! Whoops sorry its down to budget and affordability


I think it’s a great idea to move with the times and have support under one roof allowing and promoting independence rather than go into a residential care home

By Victoria

How can I apply for one of these homes?

By Marie

Hi I am already on stockport Council list and was wondering how I could put my name down for one of these properties, I am over 55.many thanks

By Mrs Deborah mallinson

My Mum lives here and DOES NOT want to move, indeed many of the residents do not want this but SMBC have preyed on the fact that they are elderley and have panicked them into moving. It is unfair to all of them. What is even more cruel is the fact that they let people inc my Mum move in last summer when they knew very well what their plans were. My Mum spent over £3000 on her flat getting just how she wanted in what she thought would be her last move. But now she has the stress hanging over her head for another move. We were told it would cost between 1 and 2 MILLION to put the flats right when in fact all they need is a new roof. Lifts could be installed outside as in Queens Gardens but i guess it comes down to who gives the biggest backhander! Disgusting, thoughtless and cruel SMBC.

By Jane Russell