Trafford is one of the lead authorities for Star Procurement

Star launches £500m consultants framework

Star Procurement, headed up by Stockport, Trafford, and Rochdale Councils, has launched a £500m framework covering a plethora of consultancy services including architecture, masterplanning, and civil engineering.

The framework, expected to be worth up to £500m over four years, is headed up by the three councils but is available to a wide range of other bodies in the North West, including all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester; Cheshire East Council; Warrington Council; Transport for Greater Manchester; and the GMCA.

It is split across 22 lots in total, with six dedicated to architecture. These cover design for commercial and office buildings; housing and residential design; design for educational buildings; and architecture services for cultural and leisure projects.

There are also separate lots for landscape and heritage architects.

Other disciplines covered by the framework include surveying, geotechnical services, fire engineers, mechanical & electrical services, project management, and valuers.

Lots also cover planning and masterplanning, as well as acoustic and civil engineering consultancy.

It is expected up to 110 companies will be chosen for the wide-ranging framework, with a maximum of five chosen per lot.

Trafford Council, as the primary driver behind the procurement of the framework, is expected to spend around £30m over four years across the various lots. This funding will come through its property investment fund.

Trafford added that the estimated framework value of £500m is based on each of the named councils spending a similar sum on services over four years, but added this was “an estimate only”.

The tender documents can be accessed here, and companies have until 12 June this year to apply.

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Unless my intel is very much wrong, I was told yesterday this was still being decided. What, after a whole year? Ridiculous. I wonder how much time and effort was put into submitting-I know a number of consultants who bid for several Lots. Lot of wasted effort if it remains undecided.

By Adam Ash