Speakers House, Aegon, P.CBRE
Architect Sheppard Robson designed the project. Credit: via CBRE

Speakers House plans resubmitted in Manchester

Julia Hatmaker

Nearly eight months after being rejected, the £90m office project is back and ready for Manchester City Council to consider again.

Aegon Asset Management’s application is essentially the same as the original, only with more justifications to back up why it shouldn’t be refused – just as Place North West reported would be the case in August.

Planning consultant CBRE told Place at the time that all options were considered after the initial refusal of the scheme, but the resubmission was deemed to be the best tactic.

“We fully support the original scheme design, which was the result of a comprehensive and rigorous design process,” said Harry Bolton, director at CBRE. 

“We are therefore now focused on a resubmission, and we are seeking to provide additional justification for this scheme rather than revisiting it in its entirety.” 

The Speakers House scheme seeks to take down the 1960s block on the corner of Deansgate and St Mary’s Gate. In its place, Aegon would build a Sheppard Robson-designed office building spanning 135,000 sq ft over 17 storeys.

The initial plans had been recommended for approval by Manchester City Council planning officers, only to be refused by the council over concerns that it would negatively impact the St Ann’s Square Conservation Area and the residents of No. 1 Deansgate.

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Hopefully it passes…doesn’t bode well for future planning in Manchester if not

By G

Excellent, ticks every box for me this. I understand a few millionaires, with a lot of influence in Manchester, based in No1 Deansgate will lose their view but the overall impact on the wider GM population should far outweigh this.

By Bob

A beautiful building in the perfect location. I will be writing in support of this excellent plan.


Build it. MCC can’t approve the awful refit of the Renaissance Hotel next door and refuse this high quality development.

By Quality scheme

How can this not be passed?, its hardly replacing a paragon of design is it . Get it built .

By Anonymous

This should have been approved first time round. Let’s get this approved and built. What a waste of time and money.

By Andrew

Definitely one of the better designed projects.

By MrP

Blimey, yet more office space at a time when companies are pushing staff onto flexible home/ office working routines.
Suppose it will go through as the council seems to let every boring development go through if there is money to be made.

By Phil Quantock

Let’s hope this wonderful office proposal get’s through this time. No doubt the residents at No1 Deansgate will be up in arms again, along with their Councillor friends.

By jrb

People are working from home. Another white elephant.

By Nimble nimbly

Some people are working from home. Not a white elephant.

This will go a long way to fix this corner – its a sophisticated design. Buildings are not just about utility.

By Steve

Office buildings are mostly standing vacant, waiting to be turned into appartments. Most office workers are still working from home and will continue to do so.

By Darren Born Bred

Just what we don’t need – yet another empty office block.

By Greycells

I can see why this one draws a lot of attention. Great design and in a location that’s totally appropriate but somehow got knocked back to my surprise and plenty of others. The decision is at complete odds with M’cr finding itself keeping company with Amsterdam and San Francisco in a ‘worlds best cities list,compiled by an international travel magazine. Just get it stamped and built.

By Robert Fuller

Beautiful design and will look stunning on such a prominent site, especially opposite the carbuncle they are creating at the Renaissance. If this doesn’t get approved then MCC planning committee should hand their heads in shame!

By Steve

Get it built! Onwards and upwards!

By Manc

An excellent design and a welcome development for what is a horrible part of Deansgate

By M J

As Manchester returns to work we need even more offices as anyone who has any common sense or can read a report will know. Great design in a prime location.

By Nimbly Wimbly

There is no good reason to not build this

By Cal