South Heywood Russell Homes New Link Road
The road project was approved in 2018

South Heywood masterplan moves forward

The delivery of a link road, 1,000 homes and more than 1.5m sq ft of employment space at junction 19 of the M62 can go ahead following completion of negotiations between developer Russell Homes and Rochdale Council.

The application was approved by the council’s planning committee in 2018, subject to the completion of a section 106 agreement, which has now been signed.

At the time of the consent, the proposals in the Green Belt attracted criticism, with more than 280 letters of objection received. Rochdale’s officers, however, said the project would bring benefits of substantial scale outweighing the harm done.

The council estimates the scheme will be worth £175m a year to the local economy once complete, and will create 2,800 jobs.

The section 106 agreement means that Russell will contribute £4.6m and land for a primary school, 15% affordable homes, public open space, including a multi-use games area and sports pitches, and a cash contribution to improve facilities at Heywood Sports village.

There will also be £1.8m put towards the creation of a bus route, bus stops, and cycle and walking routes throughout the area.

The scheme is the first development to come forward as part of the Northern Gateway site, which goes across Bury and Rochdale, and aims to create housing and employment along the M62 corridor to rebalance the economy of Greater Manchester. The land is allocated within the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, and if developed, would be the biggest employment site in the region, bringing 12m sq ft of employment space, around 10,000 new jobs and up to 3,900 homes.

Cllr John Blundell, cabinet member for business, skills and regeneration at Rochdale Council, said: “This development will unlock millions of pounds of investment for our borough and kickstart the crucial Northern Gateway project, which, if it goes forward, will create the biggest opportunity site in greater Manchester within our borough. We are confident this site will attract significant interest from major companies who are looking to invest here and create thousands of new jobs and homes.”

Tenders have been received for building the road and a main contractor is expected to be appointed within the next two months, with plans to start on site towards the end of summer.

The road and employment space is expected to be complete in 2022, with the entire project due for completion by 2035.

The project is being funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Highways England and the private sector.

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The lungs of Heywood, not to mention the loss of green belt land destroyed. The necessary infrastructure to support so many new people and traffic is not in the planning at all

By M Corns

Just leave well alone we need these space keep your hands off
Use all brown area’s thst need updating. But not the green area all the wild life that lives there? It’s there home and its not for sale .

By Susan

Sold out again by Rochdale council .out of 1.000 houses 25will be so called affordable.hope people remember when it comes to voting.

By Glynn evans

Why do we bother protesting? All of our green belt is taken by builders and greedy Rochdale Councillors. Bet its NIMBY and their kids have schools and private medical care. Not having to wait like us poor mugs who pay their wages. Shame on you Rochdale council


How many of these homes will be able to generate and store their own electricity and be heated from ground source heat pumps? And how many of those will be classed as affordable?

Will there be any provision for renewable energy?

By Dan Brierley

All highly suspicious especially when you consider the protector of the greenbelt turns out to be the real proponent for wanting to destroy this particular huge greenbelt swaith!!

By D Court

A truly shortsighted council with a 1970’s outlook to urban planning. Build it and they will come…..I very much doubt it given what’s going on in the world.

By Ugly

This is money we’ll wasted there are already other routes good vehicles can take that would add only approx ten minutes to the journey to directly access the industrial area with no consequence to the environment.

By Neil Harrison

Omg stop complaining, if you wanted it keep your countryside so much maybe you should of took better care of your farmers there all F-d because you wanted cheap meat/milk .people need homes ,land needs a use (other than look nice while your sat in traffic) you say you care about your green belt but yet never do anything for it

By Yo mama

Link road yes but more industrial units and 1000 homes is ridiculous… RMBC sold their soul to the highest bidder again!
Where is the infrastructure to deal with all the extra resources and by products the inhabitants will require and produce?

By Chris

I completely agree and support this application

By Dean

They cant spend on heywood town but they can take all the greenbelt children wont have a clue what trees are bet somebody is lining there pockets

By Jim

Looks like the donations from Russell’s has swung the deal, leave the green belt alone

By Jill

Local people getting local jobs local company’s getting the work?

By Carl

Over the last 40 years I’ve seen a substantial deterioration of local wildlife and birds. You have killed Pilsworth now you want to kill the other half of Heywood/Midd. Hiding behind the creation of jobs for an excuse, tell me with all the industrial units there are in Heywood and the continuous building by Peel Holdings has Heywood got one of the biggest unemployment problems with it’s residents? Leave the greenbelt alone and redevelop the brown belt land that’s an eyesore.

By Andy Wroe

When I think how long I had to wait for 1 bungalow where existing building where and the hoops I had to jump through this is rediculous what about the local traffic it will generate and dare I say it the pollution there is no sense at this council wonder how the planning was aLloyd mmmmm

By Anonymous

It has taken Russell Homes nearly two years to build 40 houses on Claybank Street, Heywood. How long to construct the proposed???

By D Hibbert

Do it fast so all the moaning bastards below can use all the facilities you build and incorporate it in into their daily living. There’s gonna be no green land by the time your grandchildren are 100 years and on their death beds. Stop moaning.

By Anonymous

So sad.
There’s nothing new in this world.
Corruption and greed.
You can go back and see the destruction of the original Trafford park.
Employment for many. Lung diseases for many more. Profit and kickbacks for a few. The decimation of a wildlife population for ever.
We should all be ashamed.
I make no particular reference to any individual, alive or dead, here. It is a matter for people’s own and collective conscience.
Will our grandchildren forgive us ?

By Mr. Gray.

If you want investment to the borough! Drop the ridiculous rates being charged in Heywood in comparison to the cheaper rates in Rochdale. Heywood has declined since we lost our own right and council.

By John B

I wonder what happened to the Equestrian Centre we were promised for Hareshill Road as part of the deal to allow the ‘Landfill Site’ Yet again the Council have been twirled.

By Tony

Absolute garbage again from Rochdale council. Well done for selling Heywood down the river. I look forward to seeing how busy that junction becomes with the extra houses and another turn off. Do these people not look into the pollution or model traffic scenarios?
Anyone with half a brain can see this becoming a congestion nightmare.
Who are these people? How are they in jobs with this utter stupidity

By Paul

rochdale council said the same of ashworth moor wind farm yet only employed the legal requirement to get the job done ( a few site security guards) while the main work force were outside contractors , then it turns out the cheaper electricity never was ! as each of the wind turbines turned out to produce marginally less power than the original figures were forecast to , Dont trust Rochdale MPs .

By joe kelly

Underhand , sneaky and out of order ! A controversial plan to destroy 300 acres of Greenbelt , Farming Land and Green Fields given a rubber stamp behind closed doors whilst the country is in lockdown.

By Mrs LJP

Mrs LJP – It’s not really though is it? Did you bother to read the article? “The application was approved by the council’s planning committee in 2018”.

By Anonymous

To anonymous. The contract wasn’t finalised or signed off as complete in 2018 . Several section 106 conditions had to be met . Obviously not minor conditions either as it took 2 more years to complete . It also involved several extensions to the expiry date of the approval . Suggest you read further into the background of this project !

By Anonymous

I think this is a great idea. Why are people so bothered about the green bel.I can bet you don’t walk around it and take the views in. I could understand if you lived overlooking it though and Don’t want to see house when you have seen fields for a while.. you want scenery walk up knowl hill, people need houses

By Exited heywood resident

Oh another road, great idea (not). Roads around Heywood are already over used. Wonder what will happen when the roads around Heywood becomes saturated, Um. May be another road? Imbecilic planning!

By and