Farnworth Town Centre
Farnworth in Bolton is one of the towns progressed to the next stage

Shortlist revealed for £675m High Streets Fund

The Government has released the shortlist of towns, including 14 in the North West, which have been progressed to the next stage of bidding for the much-touted £675m Future High Streets Fund.

The total list of 50 towns will now receive up to £150,000 to work up detailed project proposals, based on their initial plans. According to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, they will be focussing on places which have “shovel ready” projects where there might be opportunities to accelerate these.

In the region towns moved to phase two are:

  • Farnworth, Bolton
  • Oldham, Oldham
  • Stockport, Stockport
  • Stretford, Trafford
  • Wigan, Wigan
  • Birkenhead and New Ferry, Wirral
  • Crewe, Cheshire East
  • Winsford, Cheshire West & Chester
  • Chorley, Chorley
  • Morecambe, Lancaster
  • Nelson, Pendle
  • Fleetwood, Wyre
  • Whitehaven, Copeland

The fund was launched in December, with a Government brief that it was looking to “provide co-funding towards capital projects that bring transformative change. We want to see the regeneration of our town centres through innovative proposals around transport, housing delivery and our public services”.

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£150,000? Is that some kind of a joke? What can be achieved with a paltry sum like that? For Wigan with a population of 300, 000 it works out at 50p each.

By Elephant

Elephant – the £150k is for fees to work up proposals, not total funding!

By 80

£2.1m in fees to go to consultants, now that’s a great outcome for some

By Tannoy

More Pie Shops for Wigan Town Centre, there’s no way near enough at present !

By Tha'knows

It’s ludicrous that central government sit in judgement here making local areas compete in some sort of beauty parade for London based civil servants who may or may not deign to release a bit of cash and so generate a bit of publicity for government that they’re taking high streets seriously.

This fund will have little impact as is the way with any short term government programme. All this does is illustrate, yet again, how ridiculously over centralised this country is. Westminster government runs the country like a colony. What we need is not Brexit but Wexit – exit from Westminster command and control.

By Westminster Watch

@Tannony – agreed, but it won’t be the consultants actually working on the projects that are rubbing their hands with newly found riches… We’ll continue to be ripped off by the corporate machine, while the machine rips off it’s funding partners, local anchorites, and the very people their design supposedly ‘help’.

Still though, £150k to work up proposals isn’t to be sniffed at I suppose. Just a shame the proposals will be short term focused, assuming they get funded at all that is.

And great news for Stretford as well, often overlooked. Some great housing stock. Always thought it could be doing better for itself. And I say that as a Stockport fella.

By Daveboi

WHY IS Colne plus surounding area in Lancashire
Not on this list of places to benifit from cash funding???
why dose the payment stop at P.B.C. in Nelson area
As Colne is part of P.B.C why are we not getting funding
Remembering this members of P.B.C in Nelson area,
you have had 3 big reifits of Nelson town center already
in a short time frame we in Colne have had none at all
Big cash funding as Nelson takes it all now why??/

By Roy Jenkins