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The scheme would also include a community shop, wellness centre, cafe and other amenities

Senior living scheme proposed in Chester

Neil Tague

Retirement Villages has submitted plans to redevelop the former Beechmoor Garden Centre on Whitchurch Road, Boughton Heath into 147 apartments.

The developer has revealed new images of the scheme, which is to include the apartments alongside open spaces and amenities including a community shop, gym, wellness suite and café, to be open to local people.

Submission of the plans to Cheshire West & Chester Council follows a two-stage public consultation. The developer said that in response to feedback, the height and width of buildings and overall number of apartments has been reduced. By proposing a series of villas, set back from the road and screened with planting and trees, the buildings will be less visible than a previous developer’s approved plans at the site.

Guy Flintoft, planning director of Retirement Villages, said: “This retirement village is designed to benefit not only its residents but the surrounding area. We’ve listened to local feedback, which has influenced the design but also the range of community amenities we’re proposing.

“Most people we consulted agreed with our plans to create a series of villas and the proposed layout of the buildings. However, we know that there are existing issues with the hamburger roundabout and that Cheshire West & Chester Council are undertaking a study to look at how it could function better.

“We’ve proposed a different access which will have less impact than the plans previously approved for the site and have included improved walking and cycling connections. While it’s not in our scope to radically change the local road network we’re committed to working with the council and other stakeholders to help find a long term solution.”

The so-called “hamburger” roundabout has long been a contentious issue in the area. It was remodelled in 2011 following a planning inspector’s ruling on a large residential scheme in Saighton, with further changes being made in 2014.

The village has been designed by architect RCKa. The planning consultant is Barton Willmore and community consultation is managed by Font Communications.

Now operational for 40 years, Retirement Villages has delivered 16 retirement communities in the UK. The business was acquired by AXA in 2017 and has a £200m development pipeline.

Broughton Heath Current Site

The proposed retirement scheme sits on a former garden centre site

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I had a leaflet on this as I live in the area. In my opinion it looks like a prison.,It has few parking places [and in spite of what the builders hope the elderly do not want to give up their cars and I should know as I am one of them] and will add to the confusion of the roundabout it is next to.

By Barbara Wright

The original scheme should never have been approved but at least this is an improvement! It would be great to see all those new trees planted.

By Chris

This looks like a great scheme and it’s a site that has been crying out for a decent proposal for years. I hope the NIMBYs don’t prevail with this one. The alternative would be an ‘off-the-conveyor-belt’ housing scheme (I should know, I’ve drawn up such a scheme for a developer on this site in the past!)

By Anonymous

Nicest prison I’ve seen.

By Matt C

@Barbara Wright – If you’re confused by a roundabout, then you should definitely be giving up your car.


I’ve seen a thorough and well thought out submission of comments by the Clerk of Great Boughton, which captures many good points. My main point would be that without significant attention to active travel options (walking and cycling) the residents may find it difficult to leave the site without adding to the regular chaos at the hamburger junction. For that reason the concept of a walking/cycling route alongside the allotments and through the existing underpasses of the A55 to the shopping area on Caldy Valley Road represents a great opportunity.

By Ian S.