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Sefton pushes back on Bootle bitumen facility

Sefton Council has argued it will need “more environmental assurances” before a proposed bitumen storage and distribution facility at Bootle docks can go ahead, citing concerns over air quality.

Starious Bitumen is proposing to build a facility at Hornby Dock on Regent Road and had argued the scheme could go ahead without planning permission, proposing to develop the project under permitted development rights.

However, the council said it will need to provide an environmental impact statement to bring the scheme forward, citing concerns over air pollution caused by rising vehicle traffic in the area, and from the Port of Liverpool.

Starious’ proposals are expected to generate around 6,000 HGV movements per year, which the council argued would have “a significant impact on the air quality” of local communities.

The EIA will include a number of different technical reports that show the scheme’s impact on nearby properties, and will help to inform both the public and Sefton Council once a planning application is submitted.

Bitumen is primarily used in construction for paving and roofing, and is made from distilled petroleum.

Cllr Ian Maher, Labour leader at Sefton Council, said: “We have looked long and hard into this proposal and feel more environmental assurances are needed before anything can progress.

“We strongly believe that the proposal is chemical storage and distribution which falls under the EIA Regulations of 2017.

“Our biggest concern centres around the impact this facility will have on air quality in the south of the borough when we already have declared four Air Quality Management Areas nearby.

“We feel it is with our best interests to request an Environmental Impact Assessment from the company to get a better understanding of how this could affect our local communities in the south of the borough and await their next steps.”

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Very nuanced comments from Cllr Maher there. Strikes me as a sensible fellow keen to get more investment and business in to Bootle. Along with its officer cadre it looks like Sefton is waking up from its slumber these days and realising it needs to get more proactive.

By Sceptical

“Starious’ proposals are expected to generate around 6,000 HGV movements per year, which the council argued would have “a significant impact on the air quality” of local communities” Surely good enough reason to build the Port link road that Sefton opposes?

By Iron man

They need to be more proactive on Rimrose Valley and find a solution with Highways England that will relieve the traffic AND enhance the valley. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have both. The Valley is huge and there is plenty of room for several new parks with better facilities; and the road screened by trees and ‘contours’. With imaginative landscaping and ‘hollowing out’ the road could disappear into the surrounding greenery and parks. This would give a huge boost to our economy and wellbeing, relieving traffic in Crosby, Litherland and Netherton and allowing our port business to reach its potential. Do it Sefton.
Sort it out. Don’t just sit on your laurels or seek cheap political gains from a few activists who will always oppose everything. Much more to gain by getting this done!

By Roscoe

But the people of seaforth can not escape the traffic even if they put a new road in

By Derek Powell

Yes, you’re right Derek. The Seaforth end (last couple of hundred yards) is the problem. This last stretch should be considered for a tunnel. The cost would be much less because it’s such a short stretch. With a tunnel there we could unite both sides of Seaforth, back together for the first time since the 70s, and get rid of those daunting overhead walkways.
Seaforth village, with careful planning, could become a pleasant place to be one again.
This could be achieved! But Sefton Council really does need to get onto this and show some imagination.

By Roscoe

I think the important point is that they state they can go ahead without planning permission under current development laws.
So basically the people who own the docs can do what the hell they like and sod the community, so long as transport England build the new road through green space and the lungs of bootle rimrose Valley.
It shows they don’t care about the neighbours only about money time bootle made a stand and said no more. Its your kids who will suffer from this advanced pollution another 200 wagons a week and a chemical plant pumping pollution into the air and sefton council havent the bottle to stop it. Maybe its time for a change.

By Dec lyall

My job is to go online and make supportive comments about environmentally damaging facilities and building a big road through a country park. So we need Sefton council to back down if investors are to make money. If the local environment is damaged further, then hey it’s only Bootle and Litherland. Who cares about people there, right? Live in the Cheshire countryside if you want clean air

By Madeupname