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Scarborough's Middlewood Locks is one scheme that has contributed towards Salford's housing boom

Salford tops region’s housing growth charts  

Dan Whelan

Salford, St Helens and West Lancashire propelled the North West to a record 5% increase in housing completions for the 12 months ended March 2020, according to analysis by development finance provider Paragon Bank.

As the top performer, Salford added 1,620 new homes during the period, a 113% increase on the same period for 2019. It was followed by St Helens, which was up 63% with 800 new homes, and West Lancashire, up 57% with 440 new homes, the study found.

In total, 21,360 new homes were added in the North West during the period, according to Paragon. 

In terms of housing delivery, the lender said the North West grew faster than any other English region since 2015, with housing delivery output increasing by 63%.

Manchester recorded the highest number of homes built in the 12-month period, with 2,200 completions, but this represented a 6.4% drop compared to the previous year, the report noted. 

Additionally, the study found that Liverpool recorded a 36% dip in housing completions between March 2019 and March 2020, delivering 780 homes. 

Cheshire East completed 1,690 homes, second after Manchester, but its figure, too, was down on the previous year. 

Dave Rowlinson, North West regional director of development finance at Paragon Bank, said: “Housebuilding in the North West over the past five years has been very strong, reflecting the region’s strong economies, world-class universities and the melding of new industry with more traditional manufacturing.” 

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The city of Salford is now a BOOMING city, but no affordable homes are being built and there is still thousands of citizens on the council waiting for a property and there is still hundreds of homeless people sleeping rough every night.

By Born bred Darren.

Salford is very very cheap, any working person can afford a home there.

By Dan

Dear Mr Darren. You are right. Is a student apartment a ‘home’. Is an apartment in the city, for temporary or a limited-time stay, really a ‘home’. Where families relate to their neighbors and community. Where children play on the street and have swings and things and dance and sing. Or is that something strange people have in wealthier advanced places – like Europe? Not in north-west England — where people ..”all live in little boxes, made of ticky-tacky, and they all look the same …” Surely you all know that song. And here’s another one — “They take paradise, and put up a parking lot”. Great lyrics full of human-centred wisdom!

By James Yates

In the past 12 months the city of Salford has had a lot of not affordable building devolpments being built around the trinity way, chapel Street and greengate areas of the city … In chapel Street is the valette square 3bed houses that cost over £420,000 and the timekeeper square housing development where a house is about £400,000. The local Crescent appartments are 1bed £240,000 and 2bed is £280,000. On the middlewood locks devolpment, the swanky appartments cost a arm and a leg at £240,000/£270,000 for a 2bed and £300,000/340,000 for a 3bed appartment. Are these affordable for what you get.

By Darren born bred Salford

Salford is doing really well. I am happy to see developers putting in the effort to build new homes. Housing is a long term problem and requires a joined up solution. Too many comments on here and on other boards around the lack of affordable homes with new developments. Forgetting there are still existing stock around which can be bought for sub 150k around Salford. If you want media city or chapel st, Trinity way then you need a big budget. That’s prime pitch. Expecting that on your first home if you aren’t doing well financially is absurd.

By Jonah

Salford is very quickly becoming an over flow for cars . It would be brilliant if Salford council could show us the facts on air pollution. The only thing stopping the air pollution getting worst is covid 19 sad but true.

By Peter

There’s loads of affordable housing already in Salford and more being built by various housing associations. What we don’t need are more swanky houses built that don’t meet the needs of young families, a long stressful and costly commute, miles away from where the jobs are.

By Real Daz Salford