Salford Quays Vision 2
Salford Quays could be split into three distinct zones

Salford maps out Quays vision 

Dan Whelan

Dividing the area into three distinct neighbourhoods and reactivating ground floor commercial units are among proposals set out in a four-part plan to shape the future of Salford Quays. 

Salford City Council is seeking feedback from the public on fresh plans for the area, which counts MediaCityUK and The Lowry theatre and exhibition venue among its assets.

The council’s vision is split into four sections: 

  • Three neighbourhoods – this section outlines plans to divide Salford Quays into three distinct areas, Living, Live/Working, and Leisure. The idea behind this is to make residential areas quieter and boost footfall in public spaces 
  • A ‘town centre’ – this includes the creation of a new ‘town centre’ stretching from MediaCityUK to Royalton Group and Frogmore’s £360m residential scheme, Cotton Quay. The creation of a town centre would encourage more outdoor events, including markets and street food exhibitions, and would see existing public spaces upgraded. An all-weather, permanent outdoor structure of “international quality” could be created at the heart of the town centre and be used for events and as a place for children to play 
Cotton Quay Nov 2019

Royalton Group and Frogmore’s £360m residential scheme features two towers of 48 and 37 storeys

  •  Physical and mental wellbeing – this element of the vision proposes “building on the reputation of Salford Quays as a great place to walk, run and swim”. The council proposes improving existing sports facilities and increasing the amount of free or low-cost activities so that more people have an opportunity to take part. Adding pocket parts and protecting waterside views are among plans aimed at boosting mental health 
  • Culture and creativity – this involves working with cultural partners such as The Lowry to further develop the area’s public art programme, and partnering with landlords and developers to incorporate more active uses on the ground floor areas of office blocks and towers. Mini galleries, co-working spaces, or café are all mooted as potential uses. 

The consultation runs until 30 April and the final version of the framework is to be published this summer.

The council’s plans to revamp Salford Quays come after it was announced last week that the BBC would expand its regional presence by relocating additional departments from London to MediaCityUK and other sites across the country.

Under the plans, the whole of the Radio 3 and 6 Music departments will be based at MediaCityUK, and Salford will also be the main base for the BBC’s digital and technology teams.

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Looks good Salford Quays is developing nicely, they do need more ground level commercial space to make it feel more like a neighbourhood you would get in the city centre or suburbs like Chorlton.

By Meeseeks

The Town centre sounds great. This would be a real alternative to Manchester City centre if it is done imaginatively. A proper waterfront with nice bars and an open market would be a great draw, even a beach.

By Elephant

That’s an awful lot of development. If it’s going to continue it’s growth as Manchester’s Docklands it needs this and more . I hope the council don’t skrimp on the maintenance of the public spaces …labour councils unfortunately have a habit of doing just that no matter where you go.

By JohnP

Cotton Quay would be better built at Media City and have that area as a big park.

They need much more open space links around the canal/river. That indicative plan doesn’t show much.

By Anonymous

Masterplan looks good but that proposal tower block is hideous.

By Johnny


By Doris

So much money has been spent on the Salford and Ordsall area, Salford Quays. It’s not the first time redeveloping and now more money is going that way again. It’s about time these people came to Peel Green and walked up to Eccles, looking at the buildings along that stretch, look at the work that needs doing. Spend some money here, not just Salford.

By Eileen Leigh

Salford is an odd city in that it doesn’t really have a central town/ focal point most boroughs have. You could argue Pendlebury /Broughton is the traditional heart of Salford but Salford shopping city certainly doesn’t feel like a town centre. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

By Jon P

Not sure on this one, seems like too much in too little space, agree with the other comments that development needs to be evenly distributed across more of the surrounding areas. It would be nice to see more use of the water and floating home proposals, at the moment a lot of that area is completely wasted

By Moon

More like it. Now that the trams are running out into the city centre and out to the Trafford centre this is going to boom even more. Quite a few big companies based here now like Talk Talk and Kellogg’s as well as BBC and ITV.

By Mancunium

Agree with some comments that the office and leisure developments can be a counterpoint to the city centre in the way that docklands is for London city. If it brings more investment then it will benefit the whole of Manchester .

By Simon

Looks fantastic and builds on previous success. Definitely need more green space and soft landscaping incorporated. It would be such a statement of our city and times to commit to an urban park or forest on a scale of central park stretching from Manchester to Salford Quays via Pamona Island.

More houses with gardens as opposed to apartment blocks would attract families too.

By Sud

Would like to see boats on the waterways and house boats. It always looks rather sterile with just empty stretches of water and activity on the water would introduce a more vibrant and living atmosphere and add an additional element.

By Keith Savery

The towers look good in the second image but too tightly clustered. I wonder how much light those folk will get. A park walkway might be nice for the residents. Still keep the tall towers though!

By Chris

Salford Quays needs a management company to ensure that the Public Realm is maintained in good order, sadly lacking in some areas. If there is one then it needs a shake up.

By peter henry

It’s still Ordsall, always will attract the wrong sort

By Dan

Area has far too many high rise building for me – living, working under each other’s feet, there’s more to our beloved Salford then the Salford Quays, !! As people have said, Salford Precinct could be quite easily knocked down and again redeveloped in to the city centre – it’s a mess at the moment. Concentrating all the time on one specific areass DOES NOT benefit all!

By Kat

This is rather pleasant news we’ve been waiting for this?-There is not really a chemist or a proper Indian restaurant at this point in time so any additions would be gratefully received-The Lowry Centre looks promising until you discover The lack of a good phone shop unless of course you are a subscriber to O2 and a bunch of transient shop start moving and move out-great that there is a Marks & Spencer of course and there is room for potential potential

By Mike B