Thorn Court And Spruce Court
The properties include nine residential blocks in Pendleton

Salford cladding deal wins final approval

Dan Whelan

The Government has signed off a £28m funding agreement to enable Pendleton Together Operating, the company in charge of nine council-owned blocks in Pendleton clad in dangerous aluminium composite material, to complete fire safety works. 

Salford City Council had already approved the agreement, which comprises a loan to Pendleton Together Operating from its parent company Together Housing. However, the deal was subject to final sign-off from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government because the properties are council-owned. 

Pendleton Together Operating estimated that the cost of remediation work would be in the region of £32m and has been given a loan from Together Housing to fund the project.

Salford City Council is providing an additional £4m for the installation of sprinklers.

Tom Miskell, chair of Pendleton Together Operating, said that all unsafe cladding would be removed by the end of this year following approval of the funding deal. 

The project is expected to take two years to complete. 

In 2018, the Government said that Pendleton Together Operating was ineligible to apply for a share of the £400m set aside for the removal of the faulty ACM cladding nationwide due to its status as a private finance initiative, which provides dividends for shareholders.  

The Government also refused to sanction Salford City Council’s request for a £25m loan, which it planned to give to Pendelton Together Operating to start the work. 

The nine blocks, refurbished by housing provider Keepmoat as part of the PFI deal agreed in 2012, are:  

  • Whitebeam Court  
  • Malus Court  
  • Beech Court  
  • Salix Court  
  • Spruce Court  
  • Holm Court  
  • Hornbeam Court  
  • Thorn Court  
  • Plane Court  

Cllr John Merry, deputy mayor of Salford City Council, said: “My gratitude goes to our Salford tenants who have been incredibly patient during the last three years as we worked with Pentleton Together as it developed a financial model to pay for the works and secure funding to make the homes safer.”

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Grenfell happened exactly 3years ago, 72 sadly died, over 70 injured.. It’s took Salford council and Pendleton together three years of messing about to sort this out. If a fire did start, it would have took about a hour to completely engulf a tower block with this ” dangerous cladding” on. These tower blocks have quite a few elderly and disabled citizens in and they wouldn’t have got out in time, many lives would have been sadly lost.. Now after 3years, I can see work has finally started, but it will take another 2 years of living in fear for the residents for all the 9 Pendleton tower blocks to be stripped of this “dangerous cladding”. Also still 25 grand a week is STILL being paid the last 3years for a few fire marshal’s to walk around these 9 tower blocks and if a fire did break out, the residents would not hear them at all because the residents doors are too thick.. If a big Grenfell fire would break out, it would be mass panic with everybody panicking and you couldn’t evacuate a huge tower block in under a hour with elderly and disabled citizens. That’s it.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

Darren the “messing about” is the fault of CENTRAL GOVERNMENT not Salford Council. It is Westminster that blocked Salford’s attempts to find the works.

By Facts

The mayor of salford “Paul dennett” lives facing all the “cladding towers” and must drive past them everyday.. He once said a few days after the greenfell tower tragedy in June 2017 “we take the safety of our residents very seriously and are taking immediate steps”, and it’s took him 3years. HIS JOB IS THE MAYOR OF SALFORD.. If I don’t do my job I would lose my job..That’s it.

By Darren born and bred in salford

I think this Darren character is being mischievous with such a serious subject. Is he a so called independent opposition politician in Salford, I wonder.

First, as has been pointed out, the delay over the past 3 years lays squarely at the feet of the current Government which stifled every effort by Pendleton Together and the Council to remove this cladding. If the Government had either funded the Salford work, as they are doing in other Local Authority areas or if the Government had allowed Salford Council to loan the money, the work could probably have been completed by now.

Also Darren appears again to be misleading us in saying, it will be two years from now before the blocks will be safe. That’s clearly wrong, as I understand what’s been said is that taking the substandard cladding off will not take two years. The two years includes the time to install sprinklers (well done Salford Council), install the safe cladding and refurbish the blocks.

It saddens me that some people are just so attracted to making specious and negative comments.

Let’s support the residents by supporting Pendleton Together and the Council to do their job as speedily and safely as possible!
Keep well
Salford Septuagenarian

By 70 year old salfordian

At last! I noticed this week that the lethal cladding was finally being removed.
The council have tried to source government funding for this, as promised by the government,
but they were denied it. As a result they had to seek a private loan to be able to go ahead with the essential work. It’s ridiculous and yet another absolute Tory blunder. The same as the deregulation which caused the problem in the first place.
This government does not care. Would it have taken 3 years if Westminster were clad in the same material?
I’m just relieved and pleased for the residents that it is finally being done.

By Karen

What should the government fund this.Pendleton One specified the original cladding when they could have upped the specification. They made a commercial decision to acquire these blocks and should foot the bill themselves, not relying on government hand outs.


The “dangerous cladding” SHOULD be off by the end of the year(that’s what I’ve been told) and it will take a further 2years for the sprinklers to be sorted out.. I still can’t believe it’s took 3years (THREE YEARS) of misery and fear for the Pendleton residents to get this ball rolling. We need someone to blame..

By Darren born and bred in Salford

Disgusting there’s sick people in the flats. And expected to live with all the noise and mess.And can make some of them worse. They should be moved out till they are finished And the ones who want to stay let them at least give them the choice. They have already put up with it before and now expect to do again.

By Anonymous

PFI – the gift that keeps on giving…

By North by North-West

Finally the Pendleton flats cladding is being sorted.

By John from Salford