Hale Village
The plans for Hale include creating a shared cycling and walking space along Ashley Road

Sale Moor and Hale village in line for upgrades

Dan Whelan

Trafford Council has approved the adoption of frameworks drawn up by consultancy Nexus Planning to guide future development, improve public realm and increase pedestrianisation in the two neighbourhoods.

Nexus was appointed by Trafford las May to draw up the frameworks alongside technical consultancy WSP, landscape architect Gillespies, and Buttress Architects. 

The Hale Village framework identifies the following opportunities: 

  • The creation of a village square focused around the Clock Tower and train station  
  • Giving greater priority to walking and cycling by redesigning streets and creating a shared space on Ashley Road
  • Remodelling of the existing bowling green to create a community space 

The Sale Moor Village framework identifies the following opportunities: 

  • The creation of a shared space along Northenden Road, redefining the road as the village’s high street 
  • The redirection of traffic around the village centre rather than by closing off Northenden Road to through traffic 
  • The creation of a village square on Warrener Street 
  • The creation of a mixed-use scheme featuring residential and retail on the site of Warrener Street car park, previously earmarked for an Aldi store

The plans form part of a wider response to changes in how people use local town centres amid Covid-19, according to Trafford Council.

The council also decided in the same executive committee meeting this week not to support rugby union side Sale Sharks’ plans to return to the town and build a new stadium at Crossford Bridge playing fields.

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I think its about time the council got on with it and make sale moor village a safer place for shopers to walk about

By ronald hornsey

I am very concerned about the loss of parking.The Warrener st car park is well used by people shopping in the village.Where will they park to continue to shop local and support the many businesses in our busy Sale Moor village,one of the few shopping villages left.

By Sue Burden

I think it’s sad that Sale Sharks would not be welcomed home to Crossford Bridge. I know there was a lot of opposition to the plans but i thought there could be a lot of jobs created and in a Covid time, as much as any other, that must surely be a plus point!!

By Jacqueline

Good to hear. Timperley next please with a new town centre tram station

By Nick

Leave Warrener Street car park alone. IF ANYONE visits the village on a Saturday this is needed. NO ALDI, NO SQUARE, NO RETAIL OUTLETS NEEDED.

By Phil Maycock

Can the plans include some bike racks please?

By Mr T

It’ll be great to have fewer 4x4s on these high streets. Study after study shows that people prefer to travel to their local shops by walking or cycling.

By Active Travel Trev

@Sue Burden, I understand your concern about parking, but I would also ask, as a “local” set of shops, is this something that attracts a lot of “necessary” parking anyway? Outside of people with mobility and accessibility issues, which is a serious concern, surely the whole point of a local set of shops, is for locals to be able to walk there? If it is so far away that it requires a car, then is it even local? Would a solution of dedicating space to cars rather than people in a small collection of local shops be beneficial to the retail environment? Would people who are driving not just drive to the nearby Sale retail precinct which is larger or even the Trafford Centre? Lots of studies and real life examples have shown that in the case of these small retail clusters surviving, they also need to focus more on entertainment facilities – pubs, restaurants & cafes that attract more people to spend time and is less attractive to car drivers.


How will a village square, mixed residential and retail all fit on the car park site on Warrener Street? As somebody has already stated, Sale Moor still needs a car park, so where will this be situated instead?
By all means sort out the current pedestrian crossings, but if shared space means creating a cycle lane, then this would be totally impractical, given the current rush hour traffic flow through the village.

By Julie Thompson

Really welcome these proposals – will be good to bring a bit more of a focus to Sale Moor. The public realm works alongside the proposed bee line route between the town centre and the water park will be transformational.

By Dan Harper

Brilliant proposals. So pleased to see they have been approved.

By Junior

If they take away Warrener Street Car Park I’ll just go somewhere else. Some of us need our cars – it gives us freedom. Shut us down and we’ll find a place where we are wanted.

By Dom McKenzie

Ashley Road is already slow-moving for traffic because of the mix of cars and pedestrians and cyclists. There is little to be gained for anyone by repeating the changes made to Stamford New Road in Hale. Just a waste of our money.

Money could be better spent removing traffic lights and creating more shared space in Altrincham and Sale. By doing this, you’d improve the traffic flow to reduce the pollution, making it much nicer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Sale Moor could benefit from more pedestrianisation and generally making it a nicer place to be. Again – avoid the trap of putting in (yet) more traffic lights – they just cause traffic problems and pollution and make places unpleasant for drivers and pedestrians alike.

By Matthew Smith