Castle Irwell, Salboy, P.Domis Construction
In total, Castle Irwell will comprise 500 homes once complete. Credit: Domis Construction

Salboy updates on Castle Irwell progress 

Dan Whelan

Contractor Domis Construction has installed two tower cranes to deliver the next phases of the £120m Salford scheme. 

The cranes will be used to construct the next 106 properties, plans for which were approved in July. 

Salboy business development manager Nick Russell said: “The use of the cranes will dramatically reduce the number of vehicular movements across the site, not only making the build more efficient but increasing safety which is always the primary concern. 

“The cranes are positioned at the centre of the next two courtyards, which enables materials to be taken to the right place quickly, which will speed up build time.” 

The first phase of the project, comprising 157 properties is complete with all of the houses sold. 

The central three-acre village green and park has also completed and is open to the public. 

In total, Castle Irwell will comprise 500 homes once complete. 

Castle Irwell Park, Salboy, P.Place North West

The three-acre village green is complete. Credit: Place North West

The third phase will see the construction of seven apartment blocks featuring 237 flats. Salboy also proposes building a school on five acres to the north-east of the site. 

Designed by Calderpeel Architects, Castle Irwell is being developed on the site of the former Manchester Racecourse. The site is bordered by Littleton Road and Cromwell Road and abuts the £10m Second Salford Flood Basin. 

The site was more recently occupied by the University of Salford’s Castle Irwell student village, which closed in 2015.   

Salboy bought from the land from the University of Salford in 2019. 

The racecourse’s original turnstile building has been restored and is currently being used as a marketing suite for the development. The building could be converted at a later date to serve the Castle Irwell community, but an end use has not yet been identified. 

Earlier this year, Lidl was refused consent to build a supermarket as part of the project on the corner of Cromwell Road and Littleton Road. 

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I would be interested to know are there any plans going forward for retail outlets on this site seeing as Lidl have been refused by the council or will that plot be utilised for more houses.

By Rrsident.