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Runcorn Station Quarter set for council sign-off

Halton Borough Council is set to endorse an “aspirational and transformational” masterplan for a development area focussed around Runcorn’s railway station.

The masterplan’s aim is to provide a new gateway into Runcorn and the wider Liverpool City Region by regenerating an area around the town’s station, with a mix of land uses proposed.

This will be led by public realm and will provide commercial, residential and retail space in a masterplan which the council described as “realistic and deliverable yet aspirational and transformational”.

Key to the masterplan is a series of infrastructure works: these include revised access on to the Silver Jubilee Bridge; delinking and demolition of the structures carrying traffic from the bridge to the Weston Point Expressway; construction of a new roundabout to link the Daresbury Expressway and Weston Point; and the permanent stopping-up of highways that are no longer needed.

The council said it had already made “a significant financial commitment to the project” to support the infrastructure works.

Other options being explored also include the council occupying a new building at the site. Halton is also exploring merging its land holdings with Network Rail, which owns a significant chunk of land alongside the railway, to provide the land required to deliver the station-led part of the masterplan.

Halton brought urbanism practice We Made That on board earlier this year, and has also worked with Regeneris, Steer Davies Gleave, and PRD on the masterplan.

To support the masterplan, the council has signalled its intention to draw up a business case for a bid to the Single Investment Fund, a Combined Authority initiative which has a £500m pot to put towards projects in the Liverpool City Region.

Earlier this month, the council’s search for a development partner drew to a close; a developer is expected to be chosen next year.

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This could have some real potential if the road space and links were changed for the better and throw in some office space and retail outlets.The station is a great gateway and could be exploited more.

By Man on bicycle

Good to see the investment here. This will make it much easier to get in and out of the station for both cars and buses. It’ll be better for bikes and walkers too I think.

By Anonymous

Good to see Topsy & Tim have grown up to work in urban design.

By Gene Walker

What an amazingly ambitious scheme for an area in need of regeneration. Halton has surely worked hard on this to make sure aspirations are properly linked to delivery and functionality. Good work all involved!

By Supporter

Well its about time given the amount of people that go to London from Runcorn – from the immediate areas including Liverpool, Warrington. It is a shockingly bad station and the roads are terrible – its almost makeshift – given the amount of travelers that go through there this is well overdue! And first class lounge is most odd. BUT now there is a charge for the bridge I refuse to go from there. As that bridge is daylight robbery.

By Bob Dawson

Why did they put up fight over new bridge but found cash to reinvest in this idea…
Probably all signed and dotted with railway company and just going through the motions with the public….bring ferry service from Liverpool while you at it …

By Sylvia Sinclair

why invest all that money in retail outlets when all other high st outlets are closing.this seems another complete waste of money again

By peter jones