Rivington Chase
A £12m link road will unlock the site for development

Rivington Chase link road to unlock £262m development site

Proposals for a £12m link road to serve the wider £262m Rivington Chase development, featuring 1,700 homes, have moved forward with a planning application due to go to Bolton Council in the coming weeks.

The road is due to link the 187-acre site, formerly home to the Horwich Loco Works, to the Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich Parkway railway station, and Junction 6 of the M61.

Funded by a national Government grant, the plans for the road will be submitted this month to help enable further development at Rivington Chase, which has outline consent for 1,700 houses along with retail and leisure development. This was given the go-ahead in September 2015.

Housebuilder Bellway has already started work on the first phase of development, which includes 112 homes at the entrance to the site.

The wider site is being developed by Bluemantle alongside Bolton Council, Homes England, and Network Rail.

Cllr Martin Donaghy, executive cabinet member for strategic housing at Bolton Council, said: “We worked very hard to secure government funding for the road and I’m pleased that the planning application is now due to be submitted.

“The link road is absolutely crucial to provide a new infrastructure to take pressure off other roads in the area.

“We always promised we would address residents’ concerns about site access and this new road, should it receive planning approval, will benefit the whole community.”

Mark Caldwell of Bluemantle, added: “The forthcoming planning application will deliver the key site wide infrastructure that’s needed including main road, remediation and public open space.

“All the landowners have worked hard on this and we all understand how essential the road is for the community.

“As well as the road, we are looking at a new footpath, cycle links and green space, which will transform Rivington Chase making it a fantastic place to live and connect Horwich town centre to Middlebrook.”

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Even longer queues to get on the M60 from the M61 then?

By Sad

Just ROADS NEEDED not more Housing, we need to get things moving not more GRID LOCKS, again Bolton Councillors time you got things right for a change, you keep on giving permission for housing without thinking that know the average now is two cars per house hold so 1700 houses makes 3400 more cars so think carefully in your actions.

By Ian Flannery

Cllr Martin Donaghy, executive cabinet member for strategic housing, says, the development will prove crucial to providing new infrastructure in the area and ultimately benefit the whole area. It’s an exciting time in Bolton with a great deal going on, from the town centre masterplan to the redevelopment of The Octagon.

But with all large scale developments, the path is never completely clear.

It takes time and there is a great deal of upheaval on route.

But it’s worth it in the end.

Let’s hope so anyway.

“Let’s hope so anyway” what a statement, if the Councillors had done their Homework this route would never have been put on Paper. The route of the proposed new road runs almost parallel with the Middlebrook Peripheral road, but not only that it runs directly through the Ashworths Asbestos Tip. Which contains Thousands upon Thousands of tons of Crocidolite Asbestos, which we cannot afford to disturb either Environmentally or Financially. For anyone that has looked at the plans for this Spine Road, you will notice that what appears to be a roundabout, is only about Two Hundred Metres from where the existing dead end road is near the GPO depot. What is the point of constructing a road though a Toxic Asbestos Tip, when a slight diversion of the route, would result in a less costly, safer route joining the existing peripheral Middlebrook Road.

By Barry Jubb