Riverside Housing Speke
Riverside's existing HQ in Speke. Image from Google.

Riverside plots £17m Speke headquarters

The housing association is searching for a location to build a new head office in Speke, with a headquarters to be “designed from scratch” to accommodate more than 750 staff.

With an aim to have the building open by the end of 2021, Riverside is looking for a site within a mile of its existing office, which is at Estuary Commerce Park in Speke.

The housing association said its current premises was “too small with insufficient parking facilities” and was also “not designed to [our] current needs”.

Riverside is looking to work with a developer with land and capability to build a modern office, which will be three storeys tall, open plan, and uninterrupted by columns, according to the housing association’s brief.

Riverside said it wanted to be “fundamentally involved in the design of the new head office to avoid the issues we are currently facing within the existing building, therefore refurbishment of an existing building is not acceptable and will not be considered”.

The building will also need to include a data centre and will need to be available for final fit-out six months prior to occupation. The project’s estimated value is £17m.

Riverside currently operates across 160 local authorities and manages around 56,000 homes in England and Scotland. Projects the company currently has under way include a £20m renewal of the Palace Fields and Hallwood Park estates in Runcorn, where it is working with Optimised Environments, Avison Young, and Mott MacDonald.

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A missed opportunity. Building something for the future reliant on car usage is poor! City centre location with abundance of public transport options would have been the sensible environmentally sustainable option


Really ? How much more out of touch with its ‘customers’ can a housing association be ?
Why can’t it locate its office in a location to help revitalise a community ?
It wants a new building designed from scratch…!!.. who do they think they are Google ?
There really must be way too much money sloshing around this sector when their self regard gets this grand

By Tannoy

Maybe it could consider following one of its contemporaries, Liverpool Mutual Homes, and purchase/rent a city centre office. Far more sustainable and give its staff a choice of travel rather than “insufficient parking”. Quite a contribution to the environment and health of its customers from 750 less cars on the road.

If only there was a office development proposed by the Council that needed a pre-let tenant to enable construction….

By Marko

I agree with Tannoy. Strikes me as a waste of public money (which it essentially is) – if they were a true private sector enterprise and money mattered they would not be doing this. Their existing building is good and perfectly capable of accommodating most of their staff, plus they seem to have a very non sustainable,1980s attitude to car parking.

By John's Brother

Everything @Marko said.

By Bob Alatt

Amazing, the gravy train of the RSL sector continues unchecked. They spend the money like it’s free, and very rarely offer good value for money to their tenants. Hopefully with more Councils ramping up house building, this bloated self-absorbed sector with shrink quickly.

By John Smith

They’ve got too big! Housing associations should be smaller and more localised if they’re to serve communities. Place the new offices near a Merseyrail station if you have to build new! How about Bootle Oriel Road? There’s plenty of land on the other side of the railway, or near the canal off Merton Road/Bridgewater Street.

By Roscoe

Seems a strange location for the new Riverside office, lacks any kind of regeneration or environmental vision.

By Anonymous

Not sure the staff would enjoy fighting their way into Town everyday …..public transport system is overcrowded as are the roads in and out!

By Morgan

Speke Boulevard that well known traffic free route. The cost of running a car is the second highest living cost after rent/mortgage and for low-income workers and those looking for work having to buy a car just to get to work is a real barrier to making work worthwhile.

By Marko

Are we really moaning that a Company of 750 staff who manage 56,000 houses throughout their country want to build a new, albeit replacement head office in Liverpool? And how do you suppose these staff get to work now? Didn’t know we were so fortunate as to be turning such opportunities down. Should be welcoming the investment and ambition.

By Anon

You clearly don’t commute into Liverpool if you think it’s overcrowded. Busy but not overcrowded. Merseyrail is an excellent network. Whoever decided Riverside’s accommodation strategy and comms release needs to give their heads a collective wobble. It’s basically 2 fingers to both regeneration and the environment.


Wrong location! Over rated, over paid housing ‘regeneration’ (??????) ‘experts’ (??????) hiding away.

By Anonymous

Laughable comments system when anti Liverpool trolls can hijack other’s names to talk down the city. A city centre location for Riverside makes perfect sense.

By Morgan

The plan has been scrapped. Typical of Riverside. They can’t run a bath.

By Anonymous